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Problem with FTM version 2014.1

Discussion in 'Family Tree Maker' started by chrissy1, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Sounds more like the hard drive over-heating* to me in which case a definite hardware problem and serious, and perhaps caused by task overload and this can be checked by going into 'Processes' in Task Manager. There could be other reasons like malware or bad (drive) sectors and there are diagnostic tools to get to the root of the problem; but almost certainly most of this is too geeky for chrissy.

    I wonder if you have a local computer repair shop close by who can help diagnose the drive and offer a solution to clean or replace. Might be worth considering.

    *Check dust has not accumulated to block air flow on the PC case surrounding the air vents and the vents are not obstructed.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2020
  2. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    Chrissy, save it to your desktop. Check how big the file is. Check how much space is on your external drive. If there is enough then drag and drop from your desktop to the external drive.
  3. chrissy1

    chrissy1 LostCousins Star

    It turns out that the external hard drive is probably faulty. It has always switched off after about 10-15 mins and a message has come up on the computer. I thought this was normal, as I have never used a hard drive before, but apparently it isn't! I have been using my husband's external drive and his stays on indefinitely, so all the data on my external hard drive has now been transferred to a brand new hard drive identical to my husband's. Hopefully this will solve the problem. I have also discovered that I was trying to save a family file rather than a GEDCOM, so hopefully problem sorted. Many thanks for your help.
  4. chrissy1

    chrissy1 LostCousins Star

    Thanks, Tim. Now I have solved the external hard drive problem, I will try this. There is plenty of room on the external hard drive.

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