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Probate Registry Wills

Discussion in 'Latest news' started by Pauline, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    What can you tell us about the dates?
  2. lindy

    lindy LostCousins Member

    I received 2 yesterday ordered on 27 Sept for 1899 and 1903. I still have one from July (1872) and another from Sept (1891) outstanding. There doesn't seem any particular logic to it as my previous receipts were between 1869 and 1885. Don't understand why the older wills aren't processed in the order they were ordered. It's not as if any of them have been turned round quickly. The oldest is coming up to 3 months overdue. I still think they're a bargain at £1.50!
    And I did learn yesterday who my ancestor bequeathed her parrot and cage to!
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  3. LynSB

    LynSB LostCousins Member

    An Admin I ordered 30 Sep with a due date of 15 Oct was delivered on 8 Nov. The Admin dated from 1915. Although only an Admin it gave me the name of her daughter’s husband and two new addresses. Good value for £1.50 and the wait didn’t bother me. Hope the next eight are as useful when they filter through.
  4. CarolB08

    CarolB08 LostCousins Member

    Morning Peter the one I received was for 1897 the other two placed at the same time and yet to be received were for 1965 and 1956. The ones I ordered on 7th October were for 1893, 1894, 1859, 1913 and 1896.
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting dates, which suggests that - with the possible exception of very recent wills - the age of the will isn't a major factor. Assuming the whole process isn't completely random this leaves the possibility that it's related to which of the regional registries handled the probate. (Remember this won't necessarily be the one nearest to where the deceased lived, it could be the one most convenient for the executor, or simply the one with the shortest waiting time for an appointment.)
  6. CarolB08

    CarolB08 LostCousins Member

    Today two more of my wills popped into my inbox, these were for 1896 and 1913.
  7. pjd

    pjd LostCousins Star

    The first of 3 wills I ordered 8 Oct with estimated delivery 23 Oct arrived yesterday 12 Nov - 1920
  8. Julien

    Julien LostCousins Member

    Surprise! The second of the wills I ordered on 29th July arrived today! Just one to go.. ..ordered on 15th August. Is it safe to start ordering again as some people seem to be getting a quicker service now?
  9. CliveSeagull

    CliveSeagull LostCousins Member

    Still waiting for one from 25 July (died 1894) and one from 07 August (died 1965). Odd thing is, they've sent others from the same batches. Have chased three times already.
  10. Debs42

    Debs42 LostCousins Member

    Has anyone else had this one...?
    I had a notification today of delivery of a will I ordered on 30th July, but when I opened the PDF, all I got was a standard letter saying that the will could not be found and that I must have supplied incorrect details. It also said I needed to reapply and pay another fee. Being pretty certain that Iwould not have made a mistake with the reference, I checked the index, and what I found was that the relevant page in the calendar was out of order on the Probate Search site (It was in the right place on Ancestry). My ancestor was listed on page 453, which had been placed between pages 456 and 457! The details I had supplied were exactly correct, but whoever had been looking for the calendar entry had missed it because it wasn't in the right place. I've emailed them via the Contact Us link, so await the response with anticipation!
  11. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    I suggest you ask for compensation and see what happens!
  12. CarolB08

    CarolB08 LostCousins Member

    I had this yesterday and like you I am pretty sure I supplied the correct details but as mine was just letters of administration I decided to let it go. Mine was from 1859 .
    I received the rest of the wills I ordered today so I am overall very happy just one failure out of 8 wills applied for.
  13. lindy

    lindy LostCousins Member

    I got the same PDF on my one outstanding September order. Unlike you I did make stupid mistake! I swapped the dates of death and probate (and it let me which is nonsensical surely?). So a general warning here and I'm sending feedback.
    Still got one July 28 outstanding!
  14. Helen7

    Helen7 LostCousins Superstar

    All 3 wills I ordered on 13 October arrived this week - the first 2 on Wednesday and the third today. Probate 1883 (Principal Registry), 1948 (Manchester) and 1979 (Bristol). Obviously beyond the estimated delivery date of 28 Oct, but much quicker than my July orders which took over 2 months.
  15. LynneP

    LynneP LostCousins Member

    Thought I'd check the forum to see how wills orders are progressing. As I'd received mine I haven't checked for a while. Looks like nothing much has changed! Feeling sure things should be better I did order another will. Now over a week past delivery date.
  16. AlanB

    AlanB New Member

    Me too, the only reason I could find was that I hadn't supplied the Folio number, however there was no Folio number in the index. I e mailed them explaining this and asking that they either check the index themselves and send me the will, or refund my £1-50. I received a reply saying that they would send me the will but that was 2 weeks ago and I still haven't had it!
  17. jpkc

    jpkc LostCousins Star

    I ordered 3 wills on 21st October . 2 were ready for download on 25th November and the third on 29th November.

    BUT when I downloaded the second one on 25th it contained one page giving thecorrect grant of administration followed by the text of a will made by a comletely different person. I immediately used the "Contact us" facility and got back an auto-reply saying that they would try to deal with my message in 2 days - it is now 7 days later and I have heard nothing further.
  18. CliveSeagull

    CliveSeagull LostCousins Member

    ...my order from 25 July has just arrived! Just one more to go.
  19. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    You may have have heard back by now but when my husband had a similar problem recently it was 8 days before he had a reply (agreeing they'd made a mistake), and a week on from that he's still waiting for the correct document.
  20. lindy

    lindy LostCousins Member

    At last! My final order from July has arrived - only 17 weeks late. Can anyone beat that?
    I was afraid to look at it as I was convinced I must have made a mistake, as it had taken so long, and been rejected. But no it's fine - exactly the will I expected.

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