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FamilySearch website issue

Discussion in 'Search tips - discussion' started by Pauline, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    I have recently (in the last couple of weeks) started having an issue at the FamilySearch website. I am using IE11 in Windows 7 and everything is fully up to date.

    What has started happening is that the first time I visit FamilySearch on any particular day (after closing down the computer overnight) it takes ages to load the page. The page title appears fairly promptly but the browser page stays empty and everything "locks up"* for about 20-30 seconds. Then the page displays and everything works normally again. With subsequent visits to the site on the same day pages load completely normally.

    I hadn't changed anything on my computer before this started happening other than recent updates to Windows and Flash. I have tried the usual deleting temporary internet files, cookies and history, but it doesn't make any difference, and I haven't noticed anything similar happening on any other sites.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Or can anyone suggest what may be happening, please?

    * Locks up - by this I mean I don't seem to be able to do anything on my computer. I've tried opening a new tab, closing IE, opening the task manager etc, but nothing happens until the page loads, so now I just wait for that to happen.
  2. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    Yes,* and the problem in my case seems to be Adobe Flash plug in. (If I uninstall 'flash player' it does not 'crash/freeze').
    This happens on I.E. or Firefox.

    If I browse via my Windows 8.1 'Tiles' start screen, then at least I can move the cursor to the top right and close the page and start over...slightly better than waiting for something to happen to a frozen screen as with W7 start screen for example.

    * Not particularly with Family Search, in my case probably yahoo worst of all.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2015
  3. Gillian

    Gillian LostCousins Star

    No trouble at this end with Chrome and Firefox in Windows 7. Everything works smoothly.
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  4. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    I'm not sure if that is the same problem or not. I had wondered about Flash but as I don't think FamilySearch needs it, I though maybe not. Also the first website I visit after booting up each day is my webmail which does use Flash, and I'm not having a problem there.

    A bit more on the "locking up" - I used that term as it isn't quite like when the computer freezes. I can move the cursor around OK, but it's like the computer is so busy doing something (what?) that nothing can happen until it's finished doing it. Anything I try and do, like opening a new tab, or closing IE, happens as soon as the FamilySearch page loads and the computer stops doing whatever it was so massively busy doing.
  5. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    I can also move the cursor but not actually perform any function with it. Sometimes a box appears saying something like, "Flash player is busy, do you want to stop the plug-in?"
  6. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    I've just installed Firefox and the site works OK with that for me also. However as the problem has only been happening on the first visit to the site after booting up for the day, I haven't been able to check yet if it will also happen like that in Firefox.

    My husband's computer is very similar to mine and he isn't having the problem in either Firefox or IE11. However, IE isn't his default browser and he rarely uses it. Also, something at FamilySearch is happening differently for him in IE, as he can do searches there while having cookies blocked. If I try that, I get an "Oops" page. (We both gets the "Oops" page doing searches in Firefox without cookies enabled.)
  7. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    OK, thanks. I need a box coming up too to tell me what's busy on my computer! I did try bringing up the task manager but I don't think there would be anything there for a plug-in.

    In any case, the task manager wouldn't open as the computer was too busy...........
  8. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    What options do you have set for Flash (or any other) updates? Some of these programs can do automatic updates without notifying the user. That sounds good for the user to not be disturbed but I have found that browsers can be imobilised while the updates are performed. I mention Flash because it does seem to have very frequent updates.

    I have changed my update options to be notified of update availability rather than have automatic updates. I can then choose to have the updates applied when I am not in the middle of something 'important'.
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  9. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    All my updates are set to notify me rather than happening automatically. With Flash you have to remember to reset that option with each new update which is annoying, but I definitely prefer to update things at my own convenience.
  10. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    Today I tried disabling Flash before making my first visit of the day to FamilySearch and it made no difference to the issue I've been having. So I'm guessing Flash isn't the problem here.
  11. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    Does it happen on sites other than Family Search?
  12. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    No, only at FamilySearch, and only on the first visit there each day.
  13. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Although a while ago I had similar problems using IE11 in Win 7 and rolled back to IE10 (I wrote about it and how to do the rollback, which I see is now included as one of the 'blue' banner headlines in the Forum). IE11 was really written for Windows 8 (8.1) and in my opinion should only be used with that version of Windows. I know Microsoft have updated to overcome (so they say) problems when used in Win7 but from the sounds of it, perhaps not.

    Anyway can I just say I use Firefox for Family Search in Win 7 (& Win 8 if I use my laptop) and experience no problems whatsoever. Try changing your Browser, Firefox or Chrome and see if that changes things.
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  14. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    That comment rings a bell with me but for slightly different reasons. I have a program called Hitman Pro (which I cannot praise too highly for getting rid of the 'nasty' tracking Cookies or Trojans) and I set it to perform about 2 minutes after 'startup' finishes and it works behind the scenes . The trouble is I forget this and go to open my ISP Browser or check online banking and everything freezes. Within seconds up pops Hitman Pro to tell me it has found x bugs or whatever and the moment I give permission to remove, quarantine or ignore whatever it has found, it vanishes and everything is back to normal. As Bryman says it is the same when updates are being downloaded or installed.
  15. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    I am no IT 'techie' and much of what happens to the PC which causes it to 'misbehave' is way over my head. But, there is one piece of built in software that can allow you to see what is causing the problem and that is the infamous CTR/ALT/DEL and opening Task Manager(or you can type in Task Manager in the search box). The only things against this is (a) waiting for it to load -by which time the problem will almost certainly be over* - and (b) understanding what to do when it does. In simple terms you can close an Application (program) by clicking End Task or check the Processes tab and see what is dominating the CPU. Click the End Process if it happens to be a browser (like IE)**

    A much easier solution recommended by my Computer Magazine a few months back is a free program that replaces Task Manager (but still uses its icon) and opens from the Desktop. The free software is called Process Hacker (ver 2.33) and can be Googled or try here and click on Installer: Process Unlike Task Manager it colour codes everything. The next time your computer freezes open Process Hacker and look for its colour coded labels which grade the importance of the process. Read the Help section for what to do but it is no more complicated than right clicking the offending item and selecting an option to terminate, suspend, resume or restart. Something to suit all situations.

    If all that worries anyone, then take my old route, leave well alone and go and make a cup of tea. But do Ctrl/Alt/Del before you leave your PC. By the time you get back all will be well*

    *Tip: Clicking on Ctrl/Alt/Del is often enough to restore your machine without going to the bother of analysing the problem. Try it and see.

    **Ending a process in Task Manager will bring up a message asking if you are sure? This may worry so if in doubt leave alone and wait. However closing a sticking browser causes few problems and is sure to work whereas trying to close a browser yourself will be prevented by the computer freeze.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
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  16. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    Thanks for your input. IE11 seems to work OK for me with Win7 - this problem is only at FamilySearch.

    As mentioned above, I have tried Firefox but haven't yet been able to check it works properly. However one thing I have noticed is that the text is very fuzzy in FF - hurts my eyes!
  17. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Very puzzling and would drive me nuts (so to speak) as I insist on things working as I want them. There has to be a tie in with the handshake between IE/FS when closing down and opening next time. I often pass such gremlins to a few Geek friends (they are online not in person) and will see if they can think of anything.

    I had something vaguely similar using Firefox on my 8.1 laptop. Each day it would display 'Oops sorry' cannot open (listing sites used the previous day) which I ignored and closed, I would then open each site from the Toolbar without a problem; but it was a glitch nevertheless. I use 'Glary Utilities' to check on updates related to each of my computers and on the laptop it advised downloading a Beta version of Firefox (which, incidentally had not been offered by Firefox itself). I downloaded and installed the Beta and the problems went away! It may be something as simple as that.
  18. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Wow my fingers were hardly off the keyboard when back came - Try running IE 11 (In Windows 7) without Add-ons (the cause of so many hangs and freezes). It is easy to do and here is how:

    Open Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

    It is also possible to enable or disable individual add-ons at a later date if the 'no add-ons' mode resolves a particular problem as it may only be one add-on causing the problem. Give it a try and I am told IE will revert back to with add-ons if opened in the normal way from the desktop or Toolbar. (If not reverse the process and choose with Add-ons). You can also put a short-cut on the desktop to give you the option for both if required.
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  19. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    Is there a similar fix for w8.1?
  20. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Superstar

    I haven't yet tried that yet with FamilySearch, though I have tried it before when IE suddenly started hanging - that time it was a faulty AV update and was soon sorted.

    It could perhaps be an add-on causing the issue, although IE isn't actually freezing or hanging - it's just busy.

    This issue would normally drive me nuts as well but I have a lot on at present so I'm refusing to let it get to me. I shall keep trying things when I can and hopefully find a solution, but if not I will just accept that for the time being my first visit to FamilySearch on any particular day will mean waiting patiently until it stops being so busy at whatever it's doing.
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