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Does anybody use the Family Historian program?

Discussion in 'Family Historian' started by BettyJ, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. BettyJ

    BettyJ LostCousins Member

    Just wondering if anybody is using (or has used) the Family Historian genealogy program. If so, any thoughts on it or information about it?
  2. Martin C

    Martin C LostCousins Member

    I decided to switch to Family Historian a year ago. Setting aside the difficulty of the move, I am glad that I did so. The programme is not perfect, but for me its merits outweighs those imperfections. I find that it loads much faster than my old genealogy programme, is far more robust, and far more flexible. I quite like the layout, but would welcome even more flexibility to suit my own style. I make extensive use of what it calls Custom Queries and good use of Plugins written by those more competent at programming than myself. I should probably also make better use of some features; its web search for example may be of more use to others than myself. We are of course all different, and you may find these features abhorrent. The thirty day free trial was a bit too restrictive for me, but it does give a reasonable opportunity to test out the basic programme.
  3. JudithB

    JudithB LostCousins Member

    I've been using it for a few years and find the basics easy to use, but wish there were courses nearby as I'm sure I could do more if only I knew how. I'm better at being shown something than trying to follow instructions from the manual.
  4. Martin C

    Martin C LostCousins Member

    Have you looked at the articles available on YouTube, Judith? As with anything on YouTube the Family Historian articles probably vary in quality, but then my experience of course tutors has been pretty variable too.
  5. FamilyHistoryGal

    FamilyHistoryGal LostCousins Member

    I use Family Historian and in the very latest edition you can get hints from Find My Past. I've been able to break down a few brickwalls using the FMP/Family Historian Hints :)
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  6. KC4

    KC4 LostCousins Member

    I know it is sometime since these postings but .......... I would agree with this comment. “Family Historian” has been my genealogy program of choice for several years. I like its wide-range of facilities and its flexibility. I originally intended it as my non-internet storehouse for my trees, using other programs (eg Roots Magic) to connect with the internet. However I have found the FMP links useful in that they stress the official records rather than sometimes dubious information in "family trees."
  7. ChrissieML

    ChrissieML LostCousins Member

    I've used FH since...... oh, forever. Originally chosen because it stores the data as a GED that can be uploaded to sites without much hassle. However, as soon as they introduced the FMP etc hints feature I turned that off as I am pursuing One-Name Studies and they would just overwhelm and confuse me.
  8. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Member

    I have it on my computer but am not sure that I really like it. I cannot seem to get past the home page and if I click on ancestors I just get them up to my 2x great-grandfather when I know there were more on the GED that I transferred over from FTM. I had pretty much forgotten I even have it until I saw the new post.

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