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Woodbridge, Suffolk and Colchester, Essex Quakers

Discussion in 'Quaker ancestors' started by neko, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. neko

    neko New Member

    I've been hoping to hear from a lot more cousins than I have over the past 30 years, as my tree has never been hidden and I've posted it almost "everywhere" online. I descend from Edmund Cross(e) b. around 1620 of Woodbridge, Suffolk and his wife Sarah. some branches of the tree failed to produce, and the healthiest branches I've found are my own and our half cousins, the Harris's, but there are other branches out there. they went possibly to Dorset, early on, and otherwise to Oxon, London, Middlesex, OZ, Canada, and our line to Pennsylvania and beyond in the U.S.A., and I'm not sure where else. check various sites, but look out for WorldConnect Beta, Ancestry has made a major mess of my tree there. all the sites have my tree under file name necko. I'd appreciate it if you will share with me, I always share with others.
    Edmond Cross(e) brought his family into the faith in 1665 and our branch left the faith in or before 1806. Joseph Cross Jr. brought his wife Hannah Smith and family to America in 1843 on the Panthea. hoping someone is looking for connections to this tree.

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