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William Thomas Edward White & his wife Eleanor/Nelly Reynolds

Discussion in 'London' started by MazH, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. MazH

    MazH New Member

    Does anyone have William Thomas Edward White and his wife Eleanor/Nelly Reynolds in their family? This couple married in Paddington district in 1908, the bride's name recorded as Eleanor Reynolds. The 1911 census records them living in Haringey as William and Nelly with a 3 year old son William, born in Paddington. William is shown as born at Pontypool, Monmouthshire, c.1888 and Nelly at Tettenhall Wood, Staffordshire (part of Wolverhampton) c.1885.

    I am trying to establish whether Eleanor/Nelly is the same person as my mother's cousin Nellie Reynolds who was born at Tettenhall Wood, registered in the Oct - Dec quarter of 1884. She was one of the children of James Reynolds (1857 - 1943) and his first wife Alice Highfield (c.1859 - 1889)

    I have a small snapshot photograph dated 1939 taken at the home of Nellie's sister Ethel (married Richard Griffiths) at Wednesfield, near Wolverhampton. The photo shows Nellie and "two of her children", girls who may have been about 12 and 16, Nellie's youngest sister Annie Reynolds (1904 - 1994) and Ethel's only child Pat Griffiths, who was about 10 years old.

    William T. E. White was baptised at St. John's, Beaufort, Monmouthshire, 22 Aug 1888 son of William Thomas Edward White and his wife Ruth, of 1st Row, Newtown (image on Find My Past) and he enlisted in the army in 1905. He may have left the army before 1911, when he recorded his occupation as "engine cleaner" He must have re-enlisted or been called up for WW1 because his medal record lists three regiments and regimental numbers. His death was registered in 1932 in Edmonton district. I have not identified a death registration for his wife.

    If William's wife is the same person as my relative Nellie Reynolds they may have had several children between 1911 and the younger girl on my photograph.

    Any information which would prove or disprove this family connection will be very welcome.

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