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The National Archives

Discussion in 'Roman Catholic ancestors' started by Jennie, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Jennie

    Jennie LostCousins Member

    The National Archives

    After searching for free online Roman Catholic family history records I could only find a few actual records other than those on the well-known fee-paying family history sites and FamilySearch.

    I opted for this concise guide. It can also be conveniently downloaded as a PDF.
  2. Sinnsearan

    Sinnsearan LostCousins Member

    Which guide would that be?
  3. Tony

    Tony LostCousins Member

    I assume Jennie means the guide linked to by her first line that says just "The National Archives". Try clicking on it.
  4. Sinnsearan

    Sinnsearan LostCousins Member

    ha, thank you. I mistakenly thought that the TNA was the messages title. :-/ ooops!

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