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Scottish Military resources

Discussion in 'More resources' started by Sinnsearan, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Sinnsearan

    Sinnsearan LostCousins Member

    The Scottish National War Memorial
    The Castle, Edinburgh,
    EH1 2YT
    Scotland, UK.
    includes searchable WW1 & WW2 roll of honour list

    Scottish Military Research Group

    The Scottish War Graves Project - a war memorials / graves recording project is part of the above Scottish Military Research group and are bent on recording, with photos all the military graves and memorials in Scotland. Some include transcriptions. If you lost someone in one of the wars, there's a good chance their name, or memorial representing them, will appear in one of the forum's multitudes of photos.

  2. Alexander Bisset

    Alexander Bisset Administrator Staff Member

    There is also the sister site to the War Graves Project called The Scottish War Memorials Project

    However be aware that the level of research there is highly questionable. They seem to post what seems to fit rather than well researched information. They were told they got my great grandfather's wife, parents address etc completely wrong over a year ago yet have never corrected it. I've been in touch with a guy who runs a site specifically for the war memorial my great grandfather is on and he has come across lots of mistakes they have made for that one memorial. He has informed them of the errors but no corrections have been made thus for a "research" site I find it somewhat disappointing.

    So despite the apparent usefulness you should treat the information on this site (and possibly its sister site) with exceptional caution.
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  3. Shayne

    Shayne Member

    My grandmother had two brothers that were in The Black Watch. I remember her telling me about them. After a while, it was like I had known them myself. Sadly, she lost both Duncan and William in WWI.

    I like this site as it has the regimental journal, history of The Watch and links to additional information.

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