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School Admissions (Cheshire)

Discussion in 'Cheshire' started by emjay, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    I'm finding these records most informative,turning up dates of birth, addresses etc. But also the 'reasons for/cause of leaving' column can be quite amusing as well as informative :

    21 October 1901

    * " Not qualifying to take part in a concert.Took umbrage and left for the Wesleyan School" *

    Another reason which is not amusing, in fact quite surprising, where a 6 year old girl in 1902 is removed from school 'to assist with houshold duties'

    Here are some contrasting reasons appearing on the same page :

    Ladies school

    Full timer at Victoria Mill

    also (quite a shock!) one of my wife's ancestors (gt uncle) aged 10:

    "Accidentally Killed. See log book 8th March"

    * To take umbrage (or umbridge - no, nothing to do with 'The Archers') is to take offence *

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