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Problems with the probate website

Discussion in 'Wills and probate' started by CarolB08, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    I can't see that the boxes for extra search fields can do anything for pre-1996 probates. For the recent ones, those data items are in their database. For earlier ones, they only have the images for each year, and those are indexed by year of probate. I don't see any evidence they have captured the contents of the in digital form, though they might have a project to do that.

    So when the resurrected site appeared with the date on the first page labelled as "date of death" instead of probate, I was sceptical. (Though in fact I didn't at first notice!) I suggest assuming it's still date of probate we should enter here.
  2. JoyNor

    JoyNor LostCousins Member

    Back to fun (not) and games with FAW. I did not expect to hear anything about my latest order of 2 wills for at least a month. So surprise surprise - I logged in today to find one of the orders sitting there waiting for download. No notification that it was ready. However whilst the Grant downloaded with no problem the Will link lights up then refuses to budge an iota. Tried logging out and back in - no result. Needless to say I have complained - again! Watching that (empty) space.
  3. JoyNor

    JoyNor LostCousins Member

    Update. After giving further negative feedback today I got an emailed apology for the non-functioning download link and notification that the link had been sent again to my account. I then received two further emails - one for each of the wills I ordered notifying that they were both now available on my account for download. Logged in, yes they were there and all documents have now been downloaded to my PC successfully. However one of them shows no expiry date - but I care not! Talk about pulling teeth! Thankfully I don't think I shall require any further will copies in the near future. One of the wills runs to 10 pages - seems this ancestor was a man of property and owned large chunks of the area of Yorkshire where he resided. It is unfortunate that his father was the person whose will Borthwick could not supply - might have been quite an insight into where the family got their land.
  4. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    You may remember that I had an order for twelve items back in March that didn't work, and they were sent by e-mail. Three of those still show as "pending". The others did come through the system as well, before or after the e-mail, and they now show as expired.

    Mind you, all of them are in the "active orders" list when I first log on. The expired ones get moved to their proper list only after I've looked at it. And even then, it splits both lists over two pages based on which page items were on when in a single list! It's hard to guess what kind of inept coding would give that effect.

    I guess the implication is that when manual intervention is applied to get the files to you, the system's records may or may not be updated so show them as "fulfilled". Plus, of course, the whole system is a heap of ...
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    As a programmer I can easily work out why it was done that way - but I appreciate that someone from a different background might be mystified.
  6. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    Here's something new - and a bit more welcome than most of what's been discussed here. I just placed an order for two wills, and one of them became available to download within seconds (before I got the notification, in fact).

    I did wonder whether the images they were making for each order were also being added to a database. In fact, when you think about it, they must be. What I've just seen says they have now added a link from order processing to a search of this database, so they can deliver images with no human help. So now, if you order something that has already been delivered from this system your copy of it should come up at once.
    • Thanks! Thanks! x 4
  7. AngelaC

    AngelaC LostCousins Member

    That's very interesting @Stuart .Perhaps I should have another go with the wills. I'd abandoned it after being unable to get anything with a Folio number - does anyone know if that part has been fixed?
  8. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    That's a point - the will that was instantly available did have a folio number. If having one makes indexing wills easier, maybe they have started with those! Indexing is needed for automatic fulfillment.
  9. AngelaC

    AngelaC LostCousins Member

    Thanks @Stuart. If I can find my notes as to whose wills they were, I shall give them a go!
  10. Stephen L

    Stephen L LostCousins Member

    Do give yours a go and I hope you will get all you want from them.

    If those that are instantly available are those that have been purchased by someone else as Stuart has suggested they re probably a mixture of those with and without folio numbers. I bought one recently with a folio number that was available after a few days.

    The site all seems to be working exactly as it is supposed to do. Many of the posts here have been about delays in orders that were placed when the site had the various failures. Hopefully the back-log has cleared now.
  11. HelenB

    HelenB Member

    I have had two will arrive absolutely instantly. In both cases they were very recent - within the last three years. I guessed that all new wills received by the probate office are now being digitised as soon as they arrive.
    It would certainly also make sense that such a database would also have any older will added to it as soon as it is digitised for any reason.

    Other wills however are unfortunately still taking a very long time to arrive for me.
  12. JoyNor

    JoyNor LostCousins Member

    All three wills which I ordered and received (eventually) are now past their Available Until date, are marked as expired, but still listed in the Active Tab rather than having moved to the Expired Tab. No sign of any wills I ordered in the past being listed anywhere at all.

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