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Parish records

Discussion in 'More Irish Resources' started by Gillian, May 1, 2015.

  1. Gillian

    Gillian LostCousins Star

    The National Library of Ireland has announced that it will be digitizing its parish records and as of July 8 will provide free online access. Parish records
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  2. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    Sounds promising, especially if the records are all as good as the example shown when following your link Gillian.
  3. Gillian

    Gillian LostCousins Star

    Further to the report that the National Library of Ireland parish records will be available for free as of 8 July, I've just noticed in the IHGS newsletter that they are only Catholic parish registers. This is quite a disappointment, at least for me, as my people were C of I or Methodist, after the early to mid-18th century.
  4. Margery

    Margery LostCousins Member

    Hmmm, same here:(.

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