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'My Ancestors': enhanced pop-up for matches

Discussion in 'New or updated features' started by peter, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Following on from the improvements made to the My Contact page I've made another change which will benefit the most prolific members of LostCousins.

    Previously when you clicked a tick against the name of an ancestor it listed the names of the other members you had matched, or showed <New contact> for someone whose name was yet to be revealed (ie because the two of you hadn't agreed to correspond).

    I've made two important changes:
    • the initials of a new contact are now shown, just as they are on your My Cousins page
    • the date that you first discovered a match with the other member is shown, and if there are matches with multiple members they are listed in date order
    Unfortunately I can't display the date on which that specific ancestor was matched with each contact because this information isn't recorded.
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