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Microsoft Store v FTA

Discussion in 'Family Tree Analyzer' started by jorghes, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    No matter how hard I try, nor how ever many times I reset the store, I cannot install FTA, as it continually states that I have already installed it.

    Any further ideas?
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  2. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Clearly the store has detected a version of FTA on your device, hence advising you already have the program. Try going into settings (WIN+i), select 'Apps' and when the listing comes up find FTA and select Uninstall. Wait for it to finish and then (more a tip than a necessity) reboot and try to install from the App store again. Of course if you really are not showing FTA in your Apps list then perhaps Alexander can advise further, or even better my own suggestion.
  3. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    Tried that - there is not a FTA app within the Apps list (checked again today when I was attempting to reset the store).

    I will check again to see if there is still a version sitting somewhere in a folder.
  4. PhilGee

    PhilGee LostCousins Member

    From past experience, try to "think non-sensible"! So, have you removed the original (non-App) version?
  5. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    I thought I had, I thought I'd deleted the folder and everything in it. It's not my usual laptop, so I will have to check it tomorrow.
  6. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    Hopefully you meant to say Uninstall and not deleted. Deleting a folder does not uninstall programs.
  7. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    Well, that's the thing. The program never actually installed properly the last time I had downloaded a copy. It never appeared in the Programs list, and never appeared as an icon on the start menu.

    The only way I could run it was double-clicking the .exe file sitting in a folder in my Documents.
  8. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    If you can still open it that way, proof you have it installed from a previous download. Try typing FTA in the Menu box and see what shows. If it shows FTA 'see web results' it is not installed, but if it shows FTAnalyzer it can be opened from there and can be pinned to the Taskbar and/or show as a desktop icon. Once installed it automatically updates itself from the store each time used,
  9. Alexander Bisset

    Alexander Bisset Administrator Staff Member

    Yup this is a known issue with Microsoft's Store. So much so Microsoft have created a tool to fix the issue. I've even created an article on how to fix it
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  10. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    I'll check it again to see if anything is left. I don't think it is.

    And I followed your instructions... after I'd followed Microsoft's to do exactly the same thing. It still says I can't download it.
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  11. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Superstar

    Alright, I've gone back to my laptop - checked for any random files, typed "Family Tree Analyzer" into the main search bar and only received a web search in response, emptied all my trash, reset the store and then my laptop.

    Still won't allow me to install the program, the button is completely grayed out and simply tells me I "own" the product.
    I use an older Acer Laptop (approx 4 years old, due for a replacement at work) running Windows 10.
  12. Carla

    Carla LostCousins Star

    I'm coming in late to this thread! Having exactly te same issues as you and cannot use FT Analyzer as it says I 'own' it. I've also tried to uninstall, add a new version, etc but it is now telling me that my wondows defender screen wont allow the new version anyway, let alone that I own it. I'm signed in to my microsoft account because it says I need to be and now Microsoft say that account doesnt exist! I'm mightily fed up although it's probably because I am having a dippy moment and this is my fault. I just wondered if the problem was solved for you/anyone?
  13. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    This should mean you already have it installed on your laptop, so type FTA in the Menu box and load the copy you 'own'. I have up to date Windows on my devices and use an existing copy of FTA at least once a week without problem. FTA even recognises when it is 'out of date' and automatically updates itself (or should). Report back if still a problem and that goes for Carla also. Meanwhile perhaps Alexander who wrote the program may have an answer.
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  14. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Sorry Jorghes, just read your posting again and see you did search for FTA which you expected was installed and was only directed to the App, and then encountered the problems also reported by Carla. I think this best left for Alexander Bisset who has been absent a while, but I expect it will get to his attention. Meanwhile will ponder further to see if I can duplicate the issue on another device on which FTA is not installed.

    Edit: A short lived ponder I'm afraid as I searched on a device I do not use for FTA and downloaded from the Microsoft Store, no questions asked and it downloaded and installed within a couple of minutes. So over and out for now.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2020
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  15. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    It seems I first thought this was an ongoing post and not just you (Carla) resurrecting an old chestnut. Refer to posting #9 above from Alexander who relates to a bug in the Microsoft Store App and shows how it can be fixed which hopefully still applies. http://ftanalyzer.com/ResetWindowsStore

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