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Lincolnshire Family History Society, UK

Discussion in 'More Lincolnshire Resources' started by Jennie, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Jennie

    Jennie LostCousins Member

    Lincolnshire Family History Society If you have family connections with Lincolnshire, UK, this Society has an abundance of records that they have transcribed and are available for purchase. These are all at a very reasonable price and I know from having been personally involved, their checking of transcriptions is very thorough and accurate.

    On the 'Publications' tab at the top of the LFHS home page, if you click on this it will take you to alphabetical lists of all surnames occurring in the Lincolnshire FHS Publications. I found the 'Cs' took longer than expected to load but found out that was because the list was very long.
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  2. Jennie

    Jennie LostCousins Member

    Lincolnshire Marriage Indexes 1837-1850 These voluntary-produced marriage indexes contain the names of bride and groom, their fathers, full date and the name of the parish. All info is transcribed from the parish registers deposited at the Lincolnshire Archives. As with all these smaller collections, excellent if you are able to find a connection to an entry

    All indexes are in Microsoft Excel format (to save a local copy select File->Save As from you browser menu). They come from a good, trusted source with whom I am familiar but in any case of any doubt, please use your security settings to scan the .pdf before opening.
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