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Letter from America (DNA related)

Discussion in 'USA' started by Bob Spiers, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Star

    Well OK an email, but a little special in that it all sprang from a DNA Thru Lines follow-up from my daughter taking an Ancestry DNA test (my present for her birthday and she is in her 50's). I am managing her Tree of course. I was interested in following a line springing from her maternal grandfather, and via him to a Great Aunt. Back a generation or two I eventually settled on a 4th great uncle (GC) who had emigrated to America in 1865 - the only one of several children to do so (the others never moved far from the Northamptonshire village in which they were born).

    Cutting to the chase I messaged a public Tree owner about GC who turned out to be his grandfather. From modest two way messaging, I asked for more detail about GC and his family, and (having swapped emails) this bore fruit in the email reply shown below. I have reverted to initials which takes nothing from the import of the communication. It is, I believe, a good example of information that is grist to the mill for family. My daughter is most pleased to learn about her Utah relatives, and - as you will see from the last line of the email - wishes to learn about the village in which his Grandfather was born. I lived there myself when first married and my son still does, so I will respond in kind.

    Here is the message as received, doctored as I say, only to using initials, but otherwise as received.

    "GC was my grandfather yes he married CA and had a family . He owned several pieces of land in Morgan Utah. His children were SM (Adopted) 1887, GA1891, NM 1894, JA 1896, JW(my father) 1899, CR1902, DA 1906 (died at birth), AA 1907, SL1911.

    GC came to America when he was 19 Yrs of age . He crossed the plains with a family called D. He did chase Indians who had stolen their cattle one night. He arrived safely. His wife C came to America before, and was born in Morgan in 1865 they fed the Indians so they would be safe. One day CA (who was a baby) was in her carriage by the door to get sunshine. An Indian came to ask for food . while she went to get him some food he stole the baby C. C’s mother ran to get her husband and they found the Indian with their baby and got her back . The Indian said his child had died and he was just getting another. They never had to much trouble with the Indians, all they wanted was food. There was a warm spring in Morgan and they liked the warm water. GC could not remember the Indians, they had left Morgan by that time never to return. George planted hay, apples and many vegetables. They raised cows and chickens, no cattle. They kept the potatoes and vegs. in a dirt cellar to keep them during the winter. My father J and his brother supplied the family with Deer meat and Fish. My father’ s brother kept the farm, only one by then. My father as I have told you built his house next to his brother. There are two direct family members still living in Morgan. His brother’s two daughters, R who is in her 90's and C in her 70's who is still living in the house G built. I live about 45 minutes away but go often to visit. I spent my childhood playing in the mountains . Believe it or not there were sea shells up there which I would collect and paint. I did fish on my uncle’s farm, and play in the irrigation ditches. Since my ancestors help settle Morgan City I will always remember them and growing up there what good memories. I love to hear from you. Tell me about my Grandfather’s village D in the UK."

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  2. Helen7

    Helen7 LostCousins Star

    What a fascinating story, and thanks for sharing. I have had correspondence with several American cousins discovered through DNA, but certainly none with such interesting stories to tell!
  3. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Member

    That sounds wonderful to have found a link like that!
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  4. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Star

    Reading Peter's newsletter and the Mormon article I find it tallies closely to the progress of GC after he arrived in America. I learn (from a source related to the 'D' family with whom GC travelled) that they went out accompanied by Mormon Missionaries. Both 'C' & 'D' family members were from the same area, and indeed a stones throw from the ones related in the newsletter i.e. south Northamptonshire/ north Buckinghamshire.

    Apparently it was Mormon practice to 'get on with American Indians as their faith (of the time) believed them to be remnants of the lost tribes of Israel. I believe the party were first headed for Nauvoo, Illinois (known among Mormons as Zion) but - for whatever reasons - this did not materialise so they settled in Utah, and were early settlers (as the story relates) of Morgan City.

    This also explains there being so much information in 'Family Search' one of my favourite sites as it happens.

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