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Keighley area resources

Discussion in 'West Riding' started by pjd, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. pjd

    pjd LostCousins Star

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  2. Tony

    Tony LostCousins Member

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  3. pjd

    pjd LostCousins Star

  4. Britjan

    Britjan LostCousins Star

    The Keighley Family History Centre is well worth a visit. It is in the local library which is a splendid example of a Carnegie building and was restored a few years ago. It will always remain a favourite of mine because the staff helped me with more details of an incident in my family's past which had always troubled me. This was through a newspaper account of my great uncle's funeral after an unfortunate accident and contained information I had been unable to find elsewhere. How I subsequently obtained some personal "closure" I've described in a separate posting.

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