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How to Merge a Multi Page Document

Discussion in 'Family Tree Maker' started by OnlyMe, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. OnlyMe

    OnlyMe LostCousins Member

    How do I merge a multi page media document from Ancestry to my Family Tree Maker programme? For example Army Records. In the past, I've merged the front page then snipped the others to my documents then add them to FTM but then you don't get all the source info. Think there must be an easier way lol :D

    Thanks Karen
  2. At home in NZ

    At home in NZ LostCousins Star

    Which version of FTM are you using? If it syncs with Ancestry there shouldn't be any need to do what you describe.
  3. OnlyMe

    OnlyMe LostCousins Member

    Am using 2019 but I don't have a tree on Ancestry. Also, I like to save copies of the media documents to my laptop but again you can only do that with the front page.
  4. At home in NZ

    At home in NZ LostCousins Star

    You can download page by page and use appropriate file names.
    You get the source info in the same way as you get the source info for any other record in Ancestry, i.e. when you add the record to the person.
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