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Half-price subscriptions at Findmypast

Discussion in 'Latest news' started by VTinOZ, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. VTinOZ

    VTinOZ Member

    Thanks Peter for the great newsletter, great read & lots of great deals to be had as usual.
    BUT I could just cry, my FMP world sub expires on the 2nd Jan, the offer ends at 11.59pm on the 1st Jan. Wonder if they will let me use the discount code or not?

    I bought it on the 30th Dec 2013 so I've no idea why it doesn't expire until the 2nd Jan 2015, it'd just rot your socks, such a great discount.

    Aussie members will get a better deal if they subscribe to FMP.com.au rather than FMP.co.uk for a change, must be because our $ has dropped so much recently.

    Seasons Greetings to all!
    Regards, Vicki
  2. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    You probably can get the discount but would lose any unused portion of an existing subscription. In your case that would be almost nothing.
    I think that is what I did with a previous offer about a couple of months ago from Peter and lost nearly a month but the discount saved me more than that loss.

    I think that 3 extra days were added to all World subscribers a couple of months ago when they would otherwise have lost out on some other offer.

    I suggest that you take out the new subscription on 1st Jan. They can hardly refuse to accept you as a new user. Happy New Year!
  3. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    A member whose subscription expires on 15th January tells me that they successfully renewed their subscription at half-price. I can't guarantee it will work for others, but it's worth trying.

    Make sure you click the appropriate link in the newsletter, and if it doesn't work the first time, log-out then try again.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2014
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  4. Tim

    Tim Megastar and Moderator Staff Member

    Mine ended on the 6th Jan and I have successfully renewed and upgraded to World. I did lose the days from today to the 6th Jan but the money it's saved makes that loss pale into insignificance.

    Remember to follow the links from the newsletter

    Thanks Peter!
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  5. VTinOZ

    VTinOZ Member

    Thanks Bryman, Peter, Tim, looks like my socks will be safe afterall.
    Will renew with FMP.com.au this time as that's a better deal this year than FMP.co.uk... first time it has been for me. I will remember to follow the links from the newsletter.
    Regards, Vicki
  6. SLJ

    SLJ LostCousins Member

    Just read latest LC newsletter, I already had a FMP british subscription till Sept 2015 at 50% off. Was pleased to discover that if I followed LC link could get the world subscription at 50% off. FMP re credited the amount I hadn't used so far against new sub and just paid the difference and now its extended World to Dec 2015 .
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  7. Tim

    Tim Megastar and Moderator Staff Member

    That's a great result.

    Remember to follow the links from the newsletter
  8. VTinOZ

    VTinOZ Member

    All done, FMP.com.au world (AUD 99.75) & Ancestry.co.uk premium (GBP 69.99, won't really know what that is exactly in my AUD till the statement comes & I see if I've been charged VAT or not, but it will surely be way cheaper than anything available on Ancestry.com.au) & I remembered to follow the links from the newsletter to each site.

    Maybe this year I'll be able to trace some 'cousins' forward to the Scottish 1881 Census or find some back in the English 1841 Census, any finds will make me very pleased but moreso if I find some to enter at LC.
    Thanks Peter,
    Regards, Vicki
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  9. Deirdre

    Deirdre New Member

    I have just renewed on the UK site and my subscription does not end til 20 Feb 2015.

    On my account it now shows the following:

    17 February 2014 17 February 2014 20 February 2015 Active £116.55

    30 December 2014 20 February 2015 20 February 2016 Inactive £64.75

    Therefore it has let me renew in advance and the new discounted subscription is going to run on when my current one ends.

    Great result.
  10. Charlotte26

    Charlotte26 LostCousins Member

    My subscription was set on automatic renewal and Find My Past took payment a day early at the full price, less loyalty discount so it seems the only way to make use of offer is to pay up until 28/12/2016 or buy World subscription?
  11. jules

    jules New Member

    Thanks to Peter for the heads up that other current FMP members had been able to renew at half price. My subscription was due for renewal on the 15th Jan 2015, I just followed the link at Lost Cousins and renewed with 50% discount. My subscription starts from today's date, meaning I lost 16 days of my old subscription but given the fact I just saved almost £65 I'm totally happy!!
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  12. Elizabeth R

    Elizabeth R New Member

    Thank you, Peter. I've been toying with the idea of taking out a membership on Findmypast but always found it a bit pricey on top of an Ancestry membership. Well thanks to your offer, I got it for half price. I also figured out that I couldn't access your links due to Adblock plus. So two wins. I am now looking forward to my new FMP research.
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  13. les.the.paperman

    les.the.paperman LostCousins Member

    My Britain subscription wasn't due to (auto-)renew until end of January. By upgrading to World subscription at half-price I've both saved and gained. No complaints here.
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