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Gravestone Photographic Resource

Discussion in 'General' started by Liberty, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar

    An international directory of grave monuments

    I can't vouch for the quality of coverage once it gets away from its roots. It's pretty good for what I've been using it for - has anyone tried it for outside the UK?
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  2. AnneC

    AnneC LostCousins Star

    I have used this several times, but only for UK. I found Charles Sale (owner? administrator?) very helpful in sending me good copies of photos on the site. I am now negotiating to add some of my gravestone photos to the site on the FTP server....may be a bit technical for me so I may need to get Alex and Tim to advise ;)
  3. Alexander Bisset

    Alexander Bisset Administrator Staff Member

    An FTP server is simply a means of transferring files (FTP means File Transfer Protocol) typically in your browser you go to an address that starts ftp:// instead of the more common http:// once you get there most often you are asked for a username and password this will either be something the site administrator has told you or if anonymous access is allowed then the username will be "anonymous" and the password should just be your email address. Anonymous access doesn't need a password but the etiquette suggests you put your email address in so that administrator can contact you if there is any issues with the files.

    However if you are uploading files it is extremely unlikely anonymous access would be allowed, it is far more likely that the administrator would want to manage who is allowed to upload files to his machine.

    Once you have connected to the site there is usually some simple means of uploading files most commonly the site will look a similar folder/file structure as you are used to on your own computer. You then simply drag and drop the file from your computer onto the browser window to start the upload process.

    However some implementations vary from site to site so whilst this drag and drop upload is most common it may not be how the site administrator has set things up.
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  4. AdrienneQ

    AdrienneQ Moderator Staff Member

    I helped at one time to catalog some of the entries for Charles, who offers an excellent service.
  5. Carla

    Carla LostCousins Star

    Thank you for posting that link, Liberty. In the short time i have looked at it i have been fascinated, although disheartened not to find an ancestor yet. I can see me looking through other countries too........very interesting and informative.

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