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FTM won't sync

Discussion in 'Family Tree Maker' started by jorghes, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Member

    Not sure if this is because I have updated my running program to High Sierra, but FTM has stopped syncing for me.

    It goes through the motions and then fails at the last hurdle every time. It also is not showing the list of people within the tree in the program.

    As far as I know my Ancestry tree is untouched.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
  2. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Star

    Sorry Jorghes, but I was only thinking this week that I actually can't remember the last time a FTM sync failed. I assume the 'Green' OK to sync symbol was showing top right? I see from 'High Sierra' you use a Mac so yes, the problem might well lay with an update.
  3. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Member

    Thanks Bob - I finally found how to access the update and everything is working properly again!

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