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Free Online Cemetery Databases

Discussion in 'More English Resources' started by Emmyw, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Emmyw

    Emmyw LostCousins Member

    I have started an exercise, which if the people who matter are in agreement, could be extended by others adding the bits they know, after it was split up into the correct counties. It is a list of Free Online Cemetery Databases - England. A lot more work to do yet, but I won't bother unless there is a demand for it. I know I would love one for myself, but it may be that there is something online already that I haven't found yet!! This doesn't include any of the global ones, such as Interment.net, findagrave, deceasedonline, etc. A similar exercise for Wales, Scotland and Ireland might also be an idea!!


    Warrington Borough Council


    Darlington Historical Society - Darlington West Cemetery

    Stockton on Tees Borough Council – Stockton Roots Family History Online


    Eastleigh Borough Council – From 1901 – Online database

    Fareham Borough Council – Cemetery Record Search


    Ryde Social Heritage Group – Ryde Cemetery Grave Record Search


    Northwest Kent Family History Society – Ladywell and Brockley Cemetery


    Liverpool - Toxteth Park Cemetery

    Liverpool - St James Cemetery - A Local History Web Site designed and maintained by Mike Faulkner with the help and support of the friends of St James'

    Manchester City Council Online Burial Records – Index free – Pay for view for details

    Tameside Metropolitan Borough – currently unavailable due to maintenance


    Abney Park Cemetery – London - Hackney – Stoke Newington – Dalston

    Kingston Upon Thames

    London Borough of Lambeth – West Norwood Cemetery database

    Richmond Upon Thames

    Uxbridge Library - Uxbridge and Area Cemetery Project


    Waveney District Council


    Epsom and Ewell History Explorer - Horton Cemetery Burials 1902 to 1955

    Epsom and Ewell History Explorer - Epsom Cemetery Burials 1871 to 1950


    Shakespeare Birthplace Trust – Stratford-upon-Avon Cemetery


    Sheffield Indexers

    Wakefield Council - Burial and Cremation Online Record Search
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  2. PoTTerTea

    PoTTerTea LostCousins Member

    Here is another brilliant site for Lancashire also Toxteth Cemetery with much more info and maps to help find your lost family members.
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  3. emjay

    emjay LostCousins Member

    Great post Emmyw. I'll add a couple that I know of later. Will they be added/copied to the relevent resources sections ....admin?
  4. BrianTunWells

    BrianTunWells LostCousins Member

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