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Find Anna Giblett 1812-1850.

Discussion in 'Somerset' started by kiwilong, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. kiwilong

    kiwilong LostCousins Member

    Greetings from New Zealand.
    My gg grandmother was Anna Giblett d/o Jacob and Mary Giblett. She appears in the 1841 census at Lamyatt residing with her mother and nephew. She married Francis Worthington Long in 1843.
    Anna was the youngest of 9 children, the first 8 all born and baptised in Meare but I have never been able to find a birth record for Anna. The 8th child born in 1809 was named Hannah and I have to wonder if Anna was taken in by the Giblett family at some point. Her father is noted as Jacob, Yeoman, on the marriage certificate. I bought Jacob's will but it simply leaves all to Mary and to be split evenly among his children on her death.
    Maybe some member of the forum is able to throw some light on this, my favourite brick wall, i've been chasing it for quite a number of years.
  2. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    Hi kiwilong, Welcome to the forum, have you considered that Anna and Hannah are often used for the same person, also there is a baptism on Family Search for a Mary Ann Giblett on 28th December 1800 in Meare Somerset, father Jacob Jnr Giblett, Mother Mary, could this be her?
  3. kiwilong

    kiwilong LostCousins Member

    Hello Heather.
    Thank you for your ideas regarding my Anna Giblett. I feel that I know this family backwards having pursued Anna's birth for many years.
    Having an 8th child named Hannah it seems unlikely that number 9 would be called Anna and so ,yes, in the early days I wondered about the possibility you have suggested. However Hannah married a George Morgan in 1832 and seems to have produced at least 7 children over the next few years.
    Mary Ann was number 3, born as you say in 1800, numbers 1 and 2 having died in infancy. Mary eventually married a Christopher Welch, an elderly man, one son born who never married and inherited his father's wealth and on his death in 1915 left 24000.00 pounds to Oxford University. Again, thanks and regards. kiwilong.
  4. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Megastar

    Two thoughts on this - do you know if Anna did actually inherit anything from Jacob after Mary died? If Anna was taken in by the family and not Jacob's daughter then she would not have inherited anything unless she had been specifically named in the will.

    Secondly, have you checked the death duty registers? If Jacob left sufficient money for duty to be payable then usually all those paying the duty would be named in the register. This can be a way of obtaining the names of children who are not named in the will itself.

    Findmypast has indexes to the death duty registers, and copies from the registers can be obtained from TNA.
  5. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Megastar

    Just to add to the above, looking further it seems Anna may have pre-deceased her mother. However, as she seems to have had children who would take her share, what I wrote should still apply.
  6. kiwilong

    kiwilong LostCousins Member

    Thanks Pauline. Yes Anna died in 1850 and her mother in 1860. Infact Anna had 4 children with Francis and the eldest was just 6 and a half so Mary lived with Francis and the children for 8 years until Francis remarried in 1858.What you suggest regarding the death duty register sounds like a good idea and i will give it a try. Jacob's will specified only all left to Mary and to be split equally between his children on her death. I have a long account of the early life of my g grandfather, Anna's eldest, lots of detail but nothing about an inheritance and I think he never questioned his mother's ancestry.
    I bought the will from the Somerset Heritage and Libraries Service in May 2012. I'm not sure how this works, would the eventual distribution be based on the Jacob will or would Mary perhaps have made a will prior to her death? Thanks again. cheers. kiwilong.
  7. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Megastar

    From what you say about Jacob's will, I would expect the eventual distribution after Mary's death to be as Jacob stipulated. Any will made by Mary would only cover property she owned in her own right, though sometimes reference is made to entitlements from a previous will.

    With the death duty registers be aware that, as with wills, they may provide a wealth of useful information or they may show nothing helpful at all. My own feeling is that the death duty registers are a resource worth consulting, particularly where all other avenues have been exhausted, but they don't always help.
  8. AdrienneQ

    AdrienneQ Moderator Staff Member

    Another thing to remember is that a will does not necessarily equate to leaving much in the way of money.
    Even if there was some at the time of Jacobs death it might all have gone by the time Mary dies.
  9. kiwilong

    kiwilong LostCousins Member

    Thankyou Pauline and Adrienne.
    I've got the death duty register index from FMP and can now have a go with the National Archives. My previous endeavours with the NA has not always been a happy experience but here goes again
    As mentioned previously, I bought wills for both Jacob the younger and his father, Jacob senior. Jacob senior died 18th December 1835 and his son Jacob the younger shortly thereafter, 8th Febuary 1836.
    Jacob senior was very comprehensive, down to who got his bacon rack but the son's will just left all to his wife to be devided equally amongst his un-named children on wife's death.
    Cheers. kiwilong.

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