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Enhanced 'My Contact' page

Discussion in 'New or updated features' started by peter, May 14, 2015.

  1. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    The My Contact page (reached by clicking on the name or initial of the person you've been matched with) has been a key source of information since it was introduced in January 2008. However, for many years after that the information shown was quite limited - it simply listed the names of the relatives you shared with the other member, and gave the relationship that each of you had entered.
    My Contact 2008.jpg
    In 2013 a Match Rating was added - this summarises the relationship between you and the other member, ie whether you are cousins, related by marriage, or connected in some other way.
    My Contact 2013.jpg
    This week the information shown has been enhanced substantially - the census references and age are now shown for each of the relatives listed, and they are listed in the same order as they appear on your My Ancestors page (when it is sorted by Household, as it should be most of the time).
    My Contact 2015.jpg
    Whilst the census isn't identified (there isn't space), this information isn't really needed - just copy the census references, open your My Ancestors page in another browser tab (or window), then paste the references into your browser's search box. This will instantly locate the household (assuming you've chosen the Household sort) and if there's an arrow shown you can click it to look up the census entry.

    I hope you find the new format helpful.
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  2. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    Indeed, that is certainly true for the UK censuses. The format of the reference indicates which of the 3 years is involved . . .
    1841 is P/B/F/P
    1881 is P/F/P
    1911 is P/SN
    and hence this gives relevence to the Age.

    This has already helped me to easily confirm that 2 matches for individuals with name of Edward were for the same person in the 1881 and 1911 censuses. Thank you Peter.

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