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Do you still print on Paper?

Discussion in 'More Resources' started by Tim, May 27, 2015.

  1. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    I thought it appropriate to post under this 'Do you still print on paper' heading to say I have spent the best part of an afternoon, going through two boxes of Family History Memorabilia looking for some map print outs of 19th Century Worcester (the city not the county). I knew I had them somewhere, but they were not in my indexed files. They were kindly sent to me by a lady (herself a very knowledgeable Worcester historian and at the time a Cathedral guide) in 2013/2014 when I was researching my Witts family line. She also shared a part of my Tree with her Reeves/Witts connection.

    After a disappointing online search using Google I could not replicate the detail I knew I once had - painstakingly photocopied from Worcester archives - so I decided to bite the bullet and go back into my "assorted" paperwork which I had never got round to digitising. Yes you've guess what I am about to say, before discovering the maps with great delight, I spent three quarters of my allotted time examining miscellaneous paperwork entirely unconnected to me search criterion. But what bliss, finding stuff long forgotten, (and soon no doubt will be again). But meanwhile I retained paperwork to go over again at my leisure. I also promised myself - please do not laugh - that I would take time out to put it in better order, reduce it down (?) or add to indexed files. So that work is now on my bucket list and whoopee for print outs.
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  2. VMS

    VMS LostCousins Member

    I've been having similar fun, and a great sense of achievement that something in my life is at last in order! I've arranged my certificates and some other documents in date order within family groups. I didn't go to the bother of printing out what I had digitally but arranged the paper ones. Some interesting revelations appeared with the timelines that emerged, and forgotten snippets, like witnesses. Leftover papers were filed under 'correspondence' where I felt they were still useful but all those IGI printouts (remember them?) and other irrelevancies were thrown away. Order!
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  3. Britjan

    Britjan LostCousins Star

    Always amusing to see an this old thread revived, and reread some of my own comments. My family tree evolved in such a hit and miss fashion it seems a bit dishonest to impose a rigid system at this late date. I've promised myself however that I'll take advantage of our main public library's state of the art digital equipment to copy some old home movies, cassette message tapes and a VHS tape recorded on one of my travels. They're records of some of the people, events and places associated with my family tree and I might even be able to add a "voice over" as well. I still have some pieces of paper, odd notes etc re family research that I'll keep because they'll remind me of my first faltering steps in researching my family tree. I'm a big fan of Google docs as well, such an easy way to set up a spreadsheet , a word doc , slide show etc particularly to share so I'll eventually archive my WWI research which just today brought me back to a distant relative I hadn't previously identified.
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