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Contradictory DNA info between Ancestry and My Heritage

Discussion in 'Ancestry problems' started by canadianbeth, May 23, 2020.

  1. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Member

    I received an e-mail yesterday from My Heritage telling me about a new one of their "theories of family relativity" It completely contradicts some of the information I have from Ancestry and yet the people listed all have DNA matches to my 2nd great-grandmother on my mother's side.

    My gg grandmother was Mary Ann Moss. She married William Riches and the marriage record lists her father as Francis Moss (you might remember my previous posts about his name looking like Moff and the conversation about old spelling). Anyway, according to Ancestry, I have four different matches to Mary Ann's brother William Edward Moss. One is G.W., a 4th cousin with 34cM, one is J.R., a 3rd cousin with 9 cM, one is H.J., 4th cousin once removed 3cM, and two from the same family, father and daughter, are Jeremy, 4th once removed 18cM and Rachael, 4th cousin twice removed 19cM. Francis' father is, according to all the little green leaves, James Moss, who married Hannah Hinks. Francis married Elizabeth Sibley and I have a couple more matches to Sibley as well, and the marriage record for Francis and Elizabeth.

    However, over at My Heritage, Mary Ann's father is listed as William Francis Moss. His brother is Hugh Moss and the DNA goes down from him to Kathleen, 5th cousin 19.3 cM. I can accept that Francis might have had the first name of William but his father is given as Robert and his mother as Margaret Kelsall. Then there is a second one with Mary Ann's father given as William "Jackson" Moss with a brother John Cole-Ross and matches going down to yet another Kathleen (different surname) 3rd cousin, 19.3cM. This William Moss's father is John but the mother is Katherine Jackson.

    How is it possible that I have DNA matches for all of these people when the ancestors connected to Mary Ann are so different? I have fourteen of these so-called "theories" and the rest appear to be correct. They are also nearly all connected to my Dad's maternal Joyce branch.

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