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Confirming a family

Discussion in 'General Genealogical Queries' started by PeterM, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. PeterM

    PeterM LostCousins Member


    I am trying to trace the family of Edward COATES born in Hampton, Middlesex in 1789 and baptised the following year.

    My starting point is a family tree which was compiled long before access to computers which traces the family tree back to Tobias COATES (b1750) in Hampton. I have confirmed the tree with the help of Census and BMD certificates. His family had, for several generations, lived in Hampton and worked in various occupations in Hampton Court Palace and the stables.

    Tobias and his wife, Sarah PARKHURST had 8 children, all born and baptised in Hampton. I have only been able to confirm the family of 3 of the children with any certainty.

    His son, Edward, appears to have had a daughter, Clara, baptised in 1833 in Hampton. The mother is shown as Jane and Edward’s job is shown as Baker. I have been unable to find her birth date or to find her on any census. This is the only baptism around this date in Hampton.

    I was happy to accept this as the daughter of my Edward. But, then I was advised of several more children to Edward, a baker, and Jane COATES living in the Chelsea area. They are: George b1814 and Jane b1817, both baptised in St James, Piccadilly, London in 1817; Charles b1819, baptised in St James in 1819; Mary Ann baptised in 1827 in St James; Jane baptised 1830 in St Luke, Chelsea; Edwin b1833, baptised in 1833 in St Luke; Ellen (Helen) b1836, baptised 1847 in St Luke.

    If I accept this is all the same family why is Clara the only one to be baptised at Hampton? And why were some baptised the year they were born and others waited several years?

    The only occasion they can be found in a census is in 1861 and 1871. In 1861 Edward, Jane and Helen are shown together but Edward is shown as being born in Windsor. In 1871 Edward and Jane are shown as living with Helen and Joseph HINKS, Helen has clearly married. Again Edward is shown as being born in Windsor and in both census he is a baker.

    Is this the family of my Edward? Your thoughts please.

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