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Census or Residence facts in Ancestry tree

Discussion in 'Online family trees' started by Stephen L, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Stephen L

    Stephen L LostCousins Member

    Having done a DNA test with Ancestry I created an online tree to link with my DNA results. It is restricted to direct ancestors and their brothers and sisters (all with spouses where applicable). I use Family Tree Maker so created a file with those people exported from other trees. I do not have a current Ancestry subscription but found i could synchronise the FTM tree with the DNA linked online tree.

    My FTM tree has a complete set of Census facts with parish and county (but not country). When Ancestry was free over the Easter weekend I added some Ancestry Sources to some of my direct ancestors. That has worked well for parish baptisms, marriages and burials where available but I have a problem with Census facts.

    Instead of the sources being linked to the Census facts Ancestry appears to have created new Residence facts. None of the census sources have been linked to my census facts although they are linked to birth facts. After synchronising the Residence facts are also now in my offline FTM tree.

    Have I done something wrong or is this a known problem? A cousin has found the same issue. I have noticed that there are some differences in the addresses. For example I have a Census fact with Marylebone, London but Ancestry has created the Residence Fact as St Marylebone, London, England. I have Kennington, Lambeth, Surrey and Ancestry has Lambeth, Surrey, England.

    The created residence facts do have the relationship to head of household which is nice to have, but I would prefer to have just census facts if possible.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    It does seem to be an odd issue with Ancestry. For some reason they add censuses as Residence Facts (which technically they are as well) instead of Census Facts.
    To stop this, if you want to, then you just need to add the Ancestry source for the census to your existing census fact.
  3. Stephen L

    Stephen L LostCousins Member

    Thanks Tim. It is good to know it was not me doing something wrong.

    One benefit of synchronising with the Ancestry tree or exchanging portions of trees with my cousin is that it gets the Ancestry tree sources in without having to type them. I could transfer the sources from Residence to Census or I could just live with the odd situation. The duplication looks messy but does not really matter. I could have more details of the address in my census fact and the standard Ancestry place in the residence fact.

    I have encouraged my cousin to start using Family Tree Analyser. I have found that treats Residence facts for census years in the same way as Census facts so having one or the other (or both) will identify where the gaps exist.
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