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Boys College Nelson NZ & passenger lists

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by HET31, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. HET31

    HET31 LostCousins Member

    Hi All
    Does anyone know if there are any online free to view passenger lists for England to New Zealand around 1911 please? My husband has a great aunt Gertie with her cousin May (Ethel May) emigrating to New Zealand around this time. Aunt Gertie returned to Norfolk in the late thirties but, so I am told, May never married and never returned to England. May and Gertie were at The Boys College Nelson in 1913. Gertie did domestic work but not sure about May's work.
  2. SuzanneD

    SuzanneD LostCousins Star

  3. HET31

    HET31 LostCousins Member

    Many thanks for responding. I've not had any luck there. I thought I'd found the registration of Ethel May Allen's death on the NZ government website but it wasn't the right Ethel May! I must say they were very prompt in dealing with my request for information.
  4. Emmyw

    Emmyw LostCousins Member

    This extract from the Archives NZ web site may explain why you couldn't find the names you were looking for on familysearch:

    "Some eight million names appear on the shipping lists which span 132 years from 1840 to 1972. The lists record the names and details of people who came to New Zealand on assisted passages."
  5. HET31

    HET31 LostCousins Member

    Thanks. I did manage to find Gertie (well I am reasonably sure it is her) on the Rangitane coming out of Wellington and arriving in London on 8 June 1937.
  6. Tonycornish

    Tonycornish LostCousins Member

    While the results are not free FMP has a great outbound passenger lists 1890-1960 which can be searched and used to confirm information you have found elsewhere, buying 60 credits is not too expensive
  7. HET31

    HET31 LostCousins Member

    Thanks Tony. I will have a look at the site.

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