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A starting point

Discussion in 'More Warwickshire Resources' started by Charlie, May 31, 2013.

  1. Charlie

    Charlie Member

    Soon after starting my family history research, pre-internet, I discovered that my direct line, four generations back, came from Warwickshire. Later research took me back to 1580s in the same county, when the records became unavailable, or illegible.

    I was able to follow the records largely through four sources: the family history sections in Coventry Central Library and Nuneaton Library, Coventry Archives and Warwickshire Archives. The staff in all of these were both knowledgeable and helpful, regardless of how absurd my questions might seem. The sources also had the added advantage of me being able to print out copies of parish records, poor law records, school attendances, etc, etc.

    The Warwickshire Libraries also had, when I left in 2006, free access to Ancestry and other resources. Both Coventry library and Nuneaton library had a range of documents not on film or the internet which provided clues and connections I'd not otherwise have seen, including research by other local people.

    So, my suggestion is, don't depend entirely on the internet. If you're able, visit your local library and County Archives.
  2. Carla

    Carla LostCousins Star

    When I watch programs like 'Who do you think you are' I get so frustrated that I cant go and roam around the country checking out the archive centres and graveyards and all sorts. I have had to do most of my research on line because I just don't have the time to go anywhere at the moment. I did manage to go to one of the LDS research centres in the next town and look up some parish records on microfiche but that's all. Hopefully once I drop some hours at work and stop the shifts I can spend more time doing 'real' research :(
    Your advice is good and I know there is so much more out there that can help me........eventually!
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Member

    Sorry, Carla, I realised after I'd posted that I should have mentioned I actually lived in Warwickshire at the time, so the libraries and one of the archives were only a short distance away. My post was simply a suggestion to those who can get to such sources to do so. I now live a long way from Warwickshire so, like you, miss the opportunity to go to local sources.
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