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Wolverhampton and district

Discussion in 'More Staffordshire Resources' started by Catharine, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Catharine

    Catharine Member

    Transcriptions of parish and burial records for the area at www.wolverhamptonhistory.org.uk.
    They can be searched alphabetically for quite a few parishes.Also includes Wills for Wolverhampton
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  2. Jennie

    Jennie LostCousins Member

    I agree with your choice of site, Catharine! Amongst other excellent records, it has such a wealth of transcribed Registers which can be downloaded for free in PDF format, I am listing them here:

    Wolverhampton St. Peter's Parish Registers 1538-1875 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Wolverhampton & District Parish Registers 1751-1992 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Bilston St. Leonard's Parish Registers 1684-1837 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Bushbury St. Mary's Parish Registers 1562-1813 (Bps & Ms only);
    Willenhall Parish Registers 1642-1935 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Tettenhall St. Michael & All Angels Parish Registers 1602-1932 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Essington St. John the Evangelist Parish Registers 1873-1959 (Bps only);
    Wolverhampton Circuit Methodist Registers 1726-1968 (Bp-M-Burs);
    Burials at Merridale Cemetery, Jeffcock Road 1850-1937.

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