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War memorials

Discussion in 'More resources' started by Liberty, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar


    Transcriptions of names from war memorials, often with details of the people listed. Patchy in coverage and content. Welcomes extra information you can provide.
  2. Siobhan

    Siobhan LostCousins Member

    Commonwealth War Graves
    While playing around my tree one day (as you do) I decided to search the Commonwealth War Graves site for some of my relatives. (This was before the 1911 census was released). I found my Grand Uncle Ernest Dean who I knew nothing about. It is easy to search. I had taken a punt given his age in 1914 that he might have been in the World War 1 - then guessed as he came from Yorkshire that he could have been in a Yorkshire regiment - and up he came. Search on Ancestry bought up his service records, which gave me the name of his wife. Next of kin addresses on both the records matched. Mentioned to my father and he said "Oh yes I remember that his picture was hanging in one of the rooms of my grandmother's house"! Up until then he had not mentioned him. Still looking for Ernest's son!

    Edit - search brought up the post:)
  3. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar

    Someone has posted the CWG site somewhere else - it's really confusing where to link things, isn't it?!
    (I came across my grandfather, to my great surprise, as I thought he was in the merchant navy and died of a heart attack at home while on leave. Absolutely true, but it counted as a war death so he has a CWG headstone.)
  4. AnneC

    AnneC LostCousins Star

    It's in the Military section
  5. Alexander Bisset

    Alexander Bisset Administrator Staff Member

    I'll move this thread to Military to reduce confusion.
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  6. Siobhan

    Siobhan LostCousins Member

    Thank you - I obviously did not check out that thread before I posted
  7. Emma

    Emma Member

    It' s amazing what doesn't get mentioned isn't it? I spent some time tracing my grandmother's youngest sister's birth. The story had been that when Aunt Poll went into service the employer told her that Polly was an unsuitable name for a servant and she was to be known as Mary :eek: When I eventually tracked her down her name was REALLY Mary and date of birth 1st April - whereupon my Dad said "Oh yes! we always used to tease her about being an April Fool!":)

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