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The Glasgow Story - a heritage site + 1913/14 valuation rolls

Discussion in 'Lanarkshire' started by Sinnsearan, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Sinnsearan

    Sinnsearan LostCousins Member

    Hi folks
    The Glasgow Story site hosts Glasgow's 1913/14 valuation rolls - searchable by street name. You've got to get the spelling right though.

    There is an advanced What, Where & Who search too which throws up photos, posters and all sorts. I found a photo of the rather sinister [in my opinion at the time] primary school I attended when I was 5.
    I tried typing in Tailors in the hope of finding a poster or advert of my great grandfather's business, but though there were interesting returns, my tailoring family wasn't amongst them, however, you may be luckier :)
    The pictures are zoomable using the View Larger Image instruction above the images and you can save them in a photo album for easy reference. no cost involved.

    Enjoy :)

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