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Royal Naval death records

Discussion in 'Military records' started by teachersue, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. teachersue

    teachersue LostCousins Member

    I'm trying to find the death record for a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. I've tried the National Archives, but cannot find one there.
    I have a newspaper report (Kentish Gazette, Canterbury March 28 1843) that gives his death as "March 4, at Portrush, county Antrim, Ireland, Lieut. John Holland, R.N. son-in-law to the late Capt. Wm Boxer R.N. leaving a widow and young family...".
    I also have a copy of his will, which was written just over a month before he died. I can't find any military records for him.
    I also cannot find a marriage for him. His wife was Anne Boxer, born about 1815 in Dover, Kent. She had at least 3 children with him, in 1835, 1840 and 1841. The first two being born in Rathmullan, Donegal. 3 years after his death Anne went on to marry John Scudamore in Dublin.
    I've looked in Ireland and England for his marriage and death records.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. At home in NZ

    At home in NZ LostCousins Member

    There is a baptism record in Ancestry for Ann Boxer, baptised 8 Mar 1815 at St Mary, Dover.
    Cannot locate the marriage record, have looked in FMP, Ancestry and Familysearch.

    this site will tell you where to find RN records.
  3. teachersue

    teachersue LostCousins Member

    Many thanks "At home in NZ". Anne is quite easy to trace - apart from her marriage to John Holland. Thanks for the link to the RN records site - unfortunately most records don't seem to start until after John's death.
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