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Ontario death certificate help

Discussion in 'Canada' started by NikkiM, Jan 20, 2024.

  1. NikkiM

    NikkiM LostCousins Member

    I have found an Ontario death certificate for who I think is a relative and against the mother's maiden name there is what looks like (2) (could be (Z)). Anyone know what that means? Could it indicate it's not actually her maiden name?
  2. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    Could it be a question mark?
  3. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Could you provide a link so that we can take a look?
  4. NikkiM

    NikkiM LostCousins Member

  5. Stuart

    Stuart LostCousins Member

    If you look at the following forms, the entries for father's name and mother's maiden name contain forename (probably only the first) and surname. So the first question is why the forenames are missing. Did the son not know them, and assuming he'd asked his mother did she not know (or remember) either?
  6. NikkiM

    NikkiM LostCousins Member

    It does seem strange. I have found these 2 parents on several censuses both in England and Canada, with 11 other offspring, but he doesn't appear on a single census with them, nor does he travel from England to Canada with them when the family emigrate in 1872. I have a DNA connection with someone who we think descends from him (and records would back this up), but we are both stumped as to his exact parentage and why he isn't with the rest of the family.

    It doesn't help that it looks like the DNA connection is via my unknown GGF (who I am trying to identify using DNA).

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