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Norfolk Parish Records

Discussion in 'More Norfolk Resources' started by Sue54, May 1, 2013.

  1. Sue54

    Sue54 Member

    I have found many of my ancestors by using these two sites

    1) Search the Free Reg site

    This gives you the home page and here you can check which parishes have been transcribed. You can also search and all for free.

    If you find ancestors in FreeReg you can then visit this site

    2) Family Search Norfolk Parish Registers

    You can then search through the scans of the parish records. You can print a copy and save a copy to your computer and all for free.

    It speeds things up if you already have the dates and events from searching FreeReg

    FreeReg is still a work in progress so you need to check back now and again.

    I hope this makes sense as it is my first post on this forum.
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  2. LawrenceP

    LawrenceP Member

    If you are particularly interested in Norfolk PRs, have you come across this site:

    Completely free, and with excellent and growing coverage of Norfolk
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  3. Sue54

    Sue54 Member

    I have looked at that site many years ago but Hunstanton was not covered. There is no later news than 2005 on their news page. I seem to remember that one of the owners was unable to continue. I am not sure that any new records will appear there.
  4. Vivian

    Vivian New Member

    An ongoing project for the transcription of Norfolk Baptism Registers for 1813-1880:

    TINSTAAFL Transcripts

    Transcribed parishes also include photos of the parish church
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    I think you'll find that these transcriptions are also on the FreeREG site - in some cases FreeREG has more baptisms for the same parishes. However it can be useful to see a list of baptisms in date order, so both sites have their uses.
  6. Britjan

    Britjan LostCousins Star

    FreeReg has updated their site making it much easier to read and adding the option of searching nearby parishes. Very useful for Norfolk with wandering Ag Labs.
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  7. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar

    It also shows both parties in a marriage on the results page, rather than you having to go to the actual record to see. A minor point. perhaps, but quite useful.
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