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Discussion in 'More Resources' started by canadianbeth, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Star

    I currently have a six-month subscription to this (Publishers Extra) that expires on January 22nd. Does this renew automatically? According to the Subscription and Payment page all it says is that I have access until the 22nd. I do not want to renew.
  2. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    It would be foolish to give advice as I do not know the Publication but from the sounds (repeat) sounds of what you say, the likelihood is it is not renewable. Hopefully someone else can confirm one way or the other.

    Automatic renewal has been (and still is) the scourge of my life having crossed swords with MyHeritage long ago, and even Kaspersky and Ancestry recently. The latter after advising them of cancellation a month before renewal (to allow me to take advantage of renewal offers which worked well the year before) they went ahead and renewed. Took a heck of a while to sort that out as they were well aware that I intended to renew and knew others did the same. I think they deliberately ignored my cancellation, but cannot prove that.

    Auto renewal has become the order of the day for many sites where subscriptions are to be taken out or renewed. I know why it is their preferred methodology as it gives them less work to do but it is not to my liking at all. I always try to 'untick' the box; but that sometimes does not exist. Instead you will be advised auto renewal can be cancelled later but that route is often obscure and you need to make a note to do so. If paying via PayPal then that is another factor to take into account as the auto renewal will be registered with them also.

    I get annoyed even when I have every intention of renewing as I simply prefer to be reminded by email that subscription renewal is due which thankfully is standard LC practice.
  3. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    I now realise I did not take in the heading -Newspapers.com - and now that I have I realise I opted for a 7 day trial to same and cancelled before it took effect. I recall had I not cancelled the subscription would have auto-renewed "unless cancelled at least one day before the renewal date", which could be done from the Account details page. I would have thought you could check under Account details but it seems from the wording you have done this.
  4. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Star

    Well, it appears that it does not renew automatically. I received an e-mail today informing me of the upcoming expiration and inviting me to renew. I will not be doing so.
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