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New Genealogy Mystery novel published - 'Always the River'

Discussion in 'Latest news' started by Leona5329, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Leona5329

    Leona5329 LostCousins Member

    I've been busy again and written another novel!

    My last novel 'Prussian Blue' (mentioned in Peter's newsletter a few months back) was based on my research and stories behind my Prussian ancestors and was such a success I decided to write another - this time inspired my love of genealogy but also encouraged by being part of the Facebook group Genealogical Crime Mystery Book Club.

    Taking a story which intrigued me, unearthed while doing my husband's family history research, I have added a mystery element as well as featuring a time-slip from the main story in the late 1800s to the present day. It is called 'Always the River: the river gives and the river takes away - a genealogical mystery spanning the centuries'. The main characters are Laura, a woman who struggles to survive in the Victorian era and her ancestor Sue, four generations forward in the present day, a novice undertaking her first steps in genealogy. But with each succeeding generation she uncovers further mysteries.

    It was great fun both doing the research for the book and weaving a mysterious story around the facts which I uncovered. Needless to say, thankfully, the events in the story did not actually happen!

    I have already had some very positive reviews from purchasers and as always, encouragement from Nathan Dylan Goodwin. One reviewer even said, 'For those of you who love 'The Maze Investigations' series by
    M K Jones, you'll love this book

    Here is the novel's synopsis on Amazon:
    Always the River: The river gives and the river takes away - a
    genealogical mystery spanning the centuries

    When Kate heads off to university in York, she is unaware that her
    grandmother Sue's new-found hobby of family research will unearth a
    force which will bind her to that place, but in another time as the
    malevolent spirit of the river threatens to reach out into the
    present. As succeeding generations are uncovered by Sue's research,
    Kate experiences the mysterious hold the river has had over her family
    while the reader encounters the chilling story of Laura, Kate's four
    times great-grandmother, who finds herself cast out by her family and
    having to exist hand to mouth. She is haunted by a voice which both
    befriends her and makes demands upon her. Can Laura's determination
    and strength of will overcome what the river has in store for her and
    her family? Will Kate ever truly know the full story of Laura and her
    tragic past six generations earlier? In this this darkly sinister and
    chilling mystery set in both 19th century and present-day Yorkshire,
    we are witness to the struggles and tragedies that were daily events
    for the people who worked on and by the rivers and canals. As the
    story unfolds, the events of the past are revealed as the terrible
    truth is uncovered. Set on and by the River Ouse and adjoining
    waterways, this family saga is woven around actual historical events
    and family research.

    Available as an ebook on Kindle £2.99 and in paperback from Amazon

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