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Missing man after 1871

Discussion in 'General Genealogical Queries' started by searcher248, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. searcher248

    searcher248 New Member

    How do you actually find someone who disappears after the 1871 census? I have tried census, (re-) marriage and death records after 1871, even the 1939 register just in case he was alive. Emmigration records don't show him or any possibilities. All I have is his birth and marriage certificates. Nothing shows up in the newspapers, apart from his wife, and he is not actually named even though he deserted her. I have one son who names him as a different name on his marriage certificate, and no real concrete estimation as to when he may have died. One son says he was dead at the time of his marriage, whilst on census the wife says she is a widow much later. He was born in 1849. Has anyone else managed to find their missing relative, and how?
  2. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Since emigration records don't start until 1890 (and even then only record passengers on ships travelling outside Europe) there's plenty of scope for him to have emigrated. Don;t forget to check in Scotland and Ireland.

    He could have changed his name.. again there would probably be no record of this. He may have changed his name AND emigrated.

    My advice is to focus on your 'brick walls' and hope this chap turns up of his own accord. If he did start another family this is most likely to show up as a DNA match.
  3. searcher248

    searcher248 New Member

    Thanks for the reply and the insight. I did follow another man through census etc, with the same name, same occupation, slightly differing ages, but overall I have no proof this is my man. He did name some of his children from this (second?) marriage with names the same as my relatives sister and children. The DNA route is one I am willing to go down, but have yet to actually understand the results of my DNA test! He remains a stubborn brick wall, the one that I would like to demolish above all my others, before I too become an ancestor!
  4. Anne B

    Anne B Member

    I had one relative who was on board a ship as a crew member in last record for him so presume he lived out life/died elsewhere.
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Everything you need to know is in the Masterclass - so long as you follow the strategies there, and collaborate with documented cousins who have tested, your DNA matches will start to fall into place.
    But he isn't a 'brick wall', merely a loose end (he isn't preventing you from researching further back in your tree). Focus on your DNA matches and if he did have another family you might discover a match with one of their descendants.
  6. searcher248

    searcher248 New Member

    Yes, you are right - he is not a brick wall, I used that term incorrectly! I have traced further back - it's his the death and his whereabouts before I can't find. I am working my way through the masterclass again and hopefully I will begin to understand.

    You never know where a person may be, on a ship, in another country/county.....but so far I haven't found him.

    Thanks for your replies.

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