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Memorial Inscriptions at St. Peter’s Church, Portishead, Somerset.

Discussion in 'More Somerset Resources' started by LesC, May 27, 2022.

  1. LesC

    LesC LostCousins Star

    The project to transcribe all the Memorial Inscriptions at St. Peter’s Church, Portishead, Somerset has now been completed and published on the internet. It has taken 5 and a half years with two or three delays along the way.

    There is a link from the Parish website, portisheadparish.co.uk under the menu “About Us” called “Memorial Inscriptions Website”.

    Also, typing memorialinscriptions.portisheadparish.co.uk into the address bar of your internet browser will also take you to the Memorial Inscriptions website.

    Even after only 5 years we have seen some of the inscriptions become less legible and more difficult to read. At least we have recorded what we can for present and future generations in researching their family history. If your family has memorials in the churchyard, you might like to inspect the relevant entries on the website.

    For those of you who like statistics :-
    · There are 6,573 files of pictures and text in the database.
    · There are 4,575 names in the index, some are duplicated as they are commemorated in more than one area.
    · There are 4,417 unique names.
    · There are 2,518 grave, memorial and plaque references with inscriptions.
    · There are 634 graves with no memorial stone or tablet.
    · The earliest recorded date is 1616 (grave ref. OBGB030) and is taken from a previous transcription done by the late Rodney Martin Challands in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The inscription is now unreadable.
    · The earliest date that can still be read on a headstone is 1767 (grave ref. OBGD002).
    · The oldest person was 104 (grave ref. NAK037).
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