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Marriage Locator - registry office marriages

Discussion in 'England' started by Fern, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Fern

    Fern New Member

    Inspired by Peter's latest newsletter, I used the Marriage Locator to try to find where an 1849 marriage took place. The Marriage Locator says it was at "St James Westminister RO/NC". Does anyone know what RO and NC mean? I take it that they're abbreviations for registry office and non-conformist ... but would appreciate it if anyone can confirm (or otherwise). The only other registry-office marriage I have in my English families (an 1879 marriage) can't be confirmed by the Marriage Locator, so no help there!
    As well, does anyone know whether it's possible to obtain the original entry for a registry-office marriage - where would it now be held?
    Many thanks for any help :)
  2. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Star

    RO/NC generally indicates a marriage at which the Registrar was present, so either at the register office, or a non-conformist place where the registrar’s presence was required.

    The records for a register office marriage will be at whichever district register office now holds the historic registers for the area. You may not be able to obtain a copy of the original entry, only a certified transcript - it depends on the policy and facilities of the office concerned.
  3. Fern

    Fern New Member

    Thanks very much, Pauline :)

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