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Mac family tree program recommendations

Discussion in 'Mac programs' started by LawrenceP, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. LawrenceP

    LawrenceP Member

    Can anyone recommend a program for use on a Mac please?
  2. pjd

    pjd LostCousins Member

    Family Tree Maker works fine on a Mac

    MacFamilyTree 8 - haven't tried this on desktop but I have the app for iPad (MobileFamilyTree) which is ok & editable if a bit clunky so I don't use it much

    Reunion 12 & there's compatible app for iPad & phone - never used or even seen this in a action

    Hope this helps
  3. Susan48

    Susan48 LostCousins Star

    I've been using MacFamilyTree for a number of years and now have version 8. It does what I want it to do (and more) although I did find version 8 took some adjusting to after version 7. The more you use it the easier it becomes to enter and manipulate the data.
  4. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Member

    I've experimented with both FTM and MacFamilyTree, both are good. FTM has the sync with Ancestry and MacFamilyTree is much nicer in regards to charts and the like.
  5. Rhian

    Rhian LostCousins Member

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