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Jamaican records

Discussion in 'West Indies, South and Central America' started by Heilan Lass, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Heilan Lass

    Heilan Lass LostCousins Member

    Whilst helping a friend with her tree some while back I came across the Jamaican Family Search website (not related to the well known FamilySearch site). I haven't had occasion to use it myself and it doesn't look to be the most user-friendly site but it does seem to have useful information on researching Jamaican records and a lot of records available on the site (scroll a long way down through the guide notes to the links for other parts of the site right at the end). To access the records you need to subscribe, which can be done via the FAQ page.
  2. Tim Clarke

    Tim Clarke Member

    I can confirm that it is a very useful site especially as Jamaican records are not easy to research largely through a lack of any one in Jamaica willing to carry it out. Contributions to the site are always welcome and will result in a period of free access. New postings are made regularly and the cost of a subscription is very reasonable.
  3. BarryC

    BarryC New Member

    The subscription price of Jamaican Family Search has increased considerably since I last used it over 5 years ago and despite the fact that I provided a transcription of my 6th grandfather's 1822 Jamaican will, which has become part of the content of that website, I get no concession. Also, my 6th grandfather's first name is clearly 'James' yet the site owner managed to turn it into "Jane" when 'indexing' it. I don't see many more records or other data being added to the site either - it's just become a 'nice little earner' for its owner!
  4. Tim Clarke

    Tim Clarke Member

    I uploaded a considerable number of records to the site 4-5 years ago and got two years free access in return. I generally buy 1 months access when I see that there are new entries that might prove interesting. The latest additions were in June 2013.

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