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Help appreciated

Discussion in 'London' started by Carol, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Carol

    Carol Member

    I've only found my great grandfather, Charles Walker, on 3 censuses, 1891, 1901, 1911.
    He supposedly 'married' Sarah Green, nee Evans. I have her marriage to Henry Green in 1875, they had 3 children on the 1881 census. I know Sarah and Henry had another child in 1882, and possibly one in 1884, the baptism of this says husband was deceased.

    Then in 1891 Charles turns up, living at the same address in Hackney, Tyssen St, with Sarah. All the children are now Walkers.

    I can't find their marriage cert. I've looked on the 81 for Charles, best one is a lodger. he's either born in 53, 58 or 61, in Dalston, Islington or Stoke Newington. Now I know these areas are all close together, so not too worried about that bit.
    Charles is on the voting lists in 1890 at Tyssen St.

    So has anyone got an idea of where I can go now?
  2. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    1891 census for: 4, Tyssen Street, Hackney

    National Archive Reference:
    RG number: RG12
    Piece: 187
    Folio: 83
    Page: 23
    Reg. District: Hackney
    Sub District: West Hackney
    Parish: Hackney
    Enum. District: 13
    Ecclesiastical District: St Marks Dalston
    City/Municipal Borough:
    Address: 4, Tyssen Street, Hackney
    County: London
    NameRelationConditionSexAgeBirth YearOccupation , DisabilityWhere Born
    WALKES, Charles Head Married M 33 1858 Labourer Dalston, London
    WALKES, Sarah Wife Married F 38 1853 Dalston, London
    WALKES, Henry Son Single M 15 1876 Labourer Dalston, London
    WALKES, Thos Son Single M 13 1878 Scholar Dalston, London
    WALKES, Elizabeth Daughter Single F 11 1880 Dalston, London
    WALKES, Minnie Daughter Single F 9 1882 Dalston, London
    WALKES, Eliza Daughter Single F 7 1884 Dalston, London
    WALKES, Charles Son Single M 3 1888 Dalston, London
    WALKES, Arthur Son M 0 (8M) 1891 Dalston, London
    So you have no details of his parents? or any siblings?And they may not have got married.
  3. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like Henry went back to being a Green in 1911, Charles b1888 has died, they married 24 years ago (which makes it 1887 and fits in with the birth of Charles)

    1901 census transcription details for: 24, King Henry Street, Islington
    National Archive Reference:
    RG number: RG13
    Piece: 197
    Folio: 77
    Page: 25
    Reg. District: Islington
    Sub District: Highbury
    Parish: Islington
    Enum. District: 9
    Ecclesiastical District: St Judes
    City/Municipal Borough:
    Address: 24, King Henry Street, Islington
    County: London

    NameRelationConditionSexAgeBirth YearOccupation , DisabilityWhere Born
    WALKER, Charles Head Married M 48 1853 Cole Porter Islington, London
    WALKER, Sarah Wife Married F 48 1853 Islington, London
    WALKER, Elizabeth Daughter F 21 1880 Charwoman Islington, London
    WALKER, Minney Daughter F 19 1882 Laundress Islington, London
    WALKER, Elizabeth Daughter F 17 1884 Islington, London
    WALKER, Charles Son M 12 1889 Islington, London
    WALKER, Arthur Son M 11 1890 Islington, London
    GUNN, Thomas Head Married M 23 1878 Labourer General Islington, London
    GUNN, Jessie D In Law Wife Married F 22 1879 Machinist Dress Islington, London

    1911 census transcription details for: 5 Dyssell St Dalston N E
    National Archive Reference:
    RG14PN1110 RG78PN37 RD11 SD4 ED5 SN89
    Reg. District: Hackney
    Sub District: South West Hackney
    Parish: St John At Hackney
    Enum. District: 5
    Address: 5 Dyssell St Dalston N E
    County: London
    Yrs marriedSexAgeBirth YearOccupationWhere Born
    WALKER, Charles Head Married M 50 1861 Coal Porter Wharf London Stoke Newington
    WALKER, Sarah Wife Married
    24 years F 56 1855 London Stoke Newington
    WALKER, Arthur Son Single M 20 1891 Coachman London Dalston
    GREEN, Henry Stepson Single M 35 1876 Coal Porter Wharf London Dalston
  4. Carol

    Carol Member

    Yes Tim,
    These are the ones I have
    On 1901, I believe GUNN should read GREEN, this is Sarah's second son and wife
    Charles own children are only Charles and Arthur. I have baptism records for all but Arthur, and of course, he's my direct line.
    I checked the parish marriage records for St Marks Dalston, as children were all baptised there. from 1884 to 1891.
    Also looked at 1887 for Holy Trinity and St Philip. These records were original scans, just in case transcribing was wrong.
    Henry Green is on the baptism record of Eliza, born 1884 and is recorded as being deceased.
    I've thought all along they probably didn't marry, don't see why not though.
    I have found no other records

    I really do think I've come to a dead end.
  5. Tim

    Tim Moderator Staff Member

    Is it possible that he was still married?
  6. Carol

    Carol Member

    I had thought about that to Tim, but it's not an uncommon name, and I need proof, he may not have stayed where he was born and married anywhere.
  7. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar

    Or either or both?
  8. Carol

    Carol Member

    I don't think she was still married, unless she lied when the child was baptised.
    1884 to 1888, 4 year child free gap is unusual then.
    She'd been popping them out every 2 years since she married Henry in 1875
  9. Liberty

    Liberty LostCousins Megastar

    People have been known to lie, even on official documents. And e.g a stillbirth can cause an apparent gap in track record of births. However, I am just playing devil's advocate so please ignore me.

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