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GRO online index error reporting

Discussion in 'GRO' started by jpkc, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. jpkc

    jpkc LostCousins Star

    I have reported 14 errors to the GRO and 7 of them have resulted in amendments.

    The other 7 have resulted in "no amendment required", 2 because "index data is correct" and 2 because "index data not available".
    The earlier ones had no reason given.

    I still cannot find the records concerned but they are shown on the images on FreeBMD.

    Presumably there is a mismatch between the original schedules sent to the GRO and the old quarterly indexes, but does anyone know what these cryptic remarks mean and/or is there anything else I can do, usually to find the mother's maiden name?

    I am posting in this forum because Peter has links to the GRO.
  2. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    I can certainly take it up at the next meeting - whenever that is. But this discussion is in the wrong forum - let me know where it should be and I'll move it across.

  3. jpkc

    jpkc LostCousins Star

    I suppose it should be in "Problems with other genealogy sites" , or possibly "Where shoul I post this message?".

    Sorry for the misdirection.

    The answer may be connected with "Search techniques" but it is difficult to find peculiar spellings when one cannot search without a surname.
  4. PaulC

    PaulC LostCousins Member

    A few months ago I had a similar problem, could find a birth on FreeBMD and in the scanned images but not in the new GRO online index. The entry in question was:

    Births Jun 1898
    Clynes John James Liverpool 8b 7​

    I reported it as a missing entry and the outcome was "Investigated – No amendment required" & "Indexed data is correct". That doesn't change the fact that I still can't find it, even though other births from the same page are there!

    Anyway, I'd half forgotten about this until today when I ran into the same problem again. This time the missing entry is:

    Births Dec 1911
    Brierley Ruby Brierley Oldham 8d 1276​

    Will send another report and see what happens.
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    When you run into something like this please establish whether it is an isolated error or one of a block of missing entries. If it's an isolated error then please don't report it on the forum or write to me - it's something for the GRO to sort out.

    But if it's part of a large block of entries that are missing it could affects hundreds or thousands of other researchers, so in this case please report the results of your investigation to me so that I can investigate further, warn other researchers through the newsletter, and pass on the information to the GRO.
  6. PaulC

    PaulC LostCousins Member

    Whether it's an isolated error or not, surely it's a problem if the entry isn't there yet the GRO are saying that everything is fine?
  7. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with you that it's a problem, but the GRO won't take me seriously if I report individual missing entries, and I have to spend my time wisely and choose my battles carefully. It takes me little longer to report a block of 1000 or 10000 missing entries than it does to report a single error.

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