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Discussion in 'DNA Questions and Answers' started by Peter356, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Peter356

    Peter356 LostCousins Member

    GEDmatch accepts raw data from the majority of the DNA testing companies, free to subscribe. The website displays possible matches between your GEDmatch kit number (created by the website when you upload your data) and members’ kit numbers. You can contact your matches via email. You can do a one-to-one comparison between 2 kit numbers.

    On the website there is an Ancestors Projects link which cover various geographical areas, some surnames and specialist groups. Some groups you apply to join direct from GEDmatch others you apply via their Facebook group or by contacting the group owner/administrator by email.

    I am the co-administrator for the group covering Isle of Wight & Hampshire (UK). If you have family links with either of those counties and you have a GEDmatch kit number you can join the Facebook group . When you apply provided you quote your kit number it will be added to the GEDmatch ancestor project.
  2. ChrisA

    ChrisA New Member

    I have had an email from GedMatch about their purchase by Verogen: it concerns giving permissions on the site, some of which is concerned with access to data by law enforcement agencies. While I have nothing to hide, I don't like it when things change like this and I'm hesitating. However, it would appear that if I don't agree to the permissions, then Gedmatch will become practically useless for me. With the Ancestry DNA database growing healthily, I'm also wondering whether I even need to worry too much about GedMatch. I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts and musings of others.
  3. Peter356

    Peter356 LostCousins Member

    Sharing DNA with law enforcement agencies only applies as far as I know in the USA. In the UK forensic samples are taken from a suspect and not from another source. I am a retired UK Police Officer.
  4. PhilGee

    PhilGee LostCousins Member

    You have to agree to the transfer of data to the new company to continue to use Gedmatch and to one of the four options for access to your "Public Profile" (data) by others - one of which is "Public - no Law Enforcement access". Public access allows data comparisons etc.

  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    This is simply to comply with data protection tegulations.

    But GEDmatch isn't a site that I'd recommend to most LostCousins members - for most it would simply add extra levels of complexity without providing meaningful insights. Even I don't use it very much.

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