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Franklin Expedition

Discussion in 'Comments on the latest newsletter' started by peter, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Name Position Age Ship Birthplace

    Andrews Joseph Captain of the Hold 35 Erebus Edmonton, Middlesex
    Armitage Thomas Gun-room Steward 40 Terror Chatham, Kent
    Arthur Daniel Quartermaster 35 Erebus Aberdeen, Scotland
    Aylmore Richard Gun-room Steward 24 Erebus Southampton, Hampshire
    Bailey John Able Seaman 21 Terror Leyton, Essex
    Bates John Able Seaman 24 Terror London, Middlesex
    Bell William Quartermaster 36 Erebus Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland
    Berry Alexander Able Seaman 32 Terror Fifeshire
    Best Charles Able Seaman 23 Erebus Fareham, Hampshire
    Blanky Thomas Ice Master Terror ?
    Braine William Private 31 Erebus Oakhill, Somerset
    Bridgens John Subordinate Officers' Steward 26 Erebus Woolwich, London
    Brown James W. Caulker 28 Erebus Deptford, Kent
    Brown Samuel Boatswain's Mate 27 Erebus Hull, Yorkshire
    Bryant David Sergeant 31 Erebus Shepton Montague, Somerset
    Burt Thomas Armorer 22 Erebus Wickam, Hampshire
    Cann George J. Able Seaman 23 Terror Battersea, Middlesex
    Chambers George Cabin boy 18 Erebus Woolwich, London
    Closson William Able Seaman 25 Erebus Shetland, Scotland
    Collins Henry Foster Second Master Erebus ?
    Coombs Charles Able Seaman 28 Erebus Greenwich, Kent
    Couch Edward Mate Erebus ?
    Cowie John Stoker 32 Erebus Bermondsey, Surrey
    Crispe Samuel Able Seaman 24 Terror Lynn, Norfolk
    Crozier Francis Rawden Moira Captain Terror ?
    Daly James Private 30 Terror Westneath, Ireland
    Darlington Thomas Caulker 29 Terror Plymouth, Devon
    Des Voeux Charles Frederick Mate Erebus ?
    Diggle John Cook Cook 36 Terror Westminster, London
    Downing John Quartermaster Erebus Plymouth, Devon
    Dunn Francis Caulker's Mate 25 Erebus Llanelli, Wales
    Evans Thomas Cabin boy 18 Terror Deptford, Kent
    Fairholme James Walter Lieutenant Erebus ?
    Farr Thomas R. Captain of the Maintop 32 Terror Deptford, Kent
    Ferrier Robert Able Seaman 29 Erebus Perth
    Fitzjames James Commander Erebus London?
    Fowler William Purser's Steward 26 Erebus Bristol, Somerset
    Franklin Sir John Captain Erebus Spilsby, Lincolnshire
    Geater Josephus Able Seaman 32 Erebus London, Middlesex
    Genge Edward Subordinate Officers' Steward 21 Terror Gasport, Hampshire
    Gibson William Subordinate Officers' Steward 22 Terror London, Middlesex
    Goddard William Captain of the Hold 39 Terror N. Yarmouth, Norfolk
    Golding Robert Cabin boy 19 Terror Deptford, Kent
    Goodsir Harry D.S. Assistant Surgeon Erebus ?
    Gore Graham Lieutenant Erebus ?
    Gregory John Engineer Erebus ?
    Hammond John Private 32 Terror Bradford, Yorkshire
    Handford John Able Seaman 28 Terror Sunderland
    Hartnell John Able Seaman 25 Erebus Brompton, Kent
    Hartnell Thomas Able Seaman 23 Erebus Chathman, Kent
    Healey Joseph Private 29 Erebus Manchester, Lancashire
    Heather William Private 37 Terror Battersea, Surrey
    Hedges William Corporal 30 Terror Bradford, Wiltshire
    Helpman E.J. Clerk in Charge Terror Devon
    Hickey Cornelius Caulker's Mate 24 Terror Limerick, Ireland
    Hoar Edmund Captain's Steward 23 Erebus Portsea, Hampshire
    Hodgson George Henry Lieutenant Terror ?
    Honey Thomas Carpenter Terror ?
    Honey Samuel Blacksmith 22 Terror Plymouth, Devon
    Hopcraft Robert Private 38 Erebus Nottingham, Notts
    Hornby Frederick John Mate Terror ?
    Irving John Lieutenant Terror ?
    Jerry William Able Seaman 29 Terror Pembroke, Wales
    Johns Robert Able Seaman 24 Erebus Penryn, Cornwall
    Johnson Thomas Boatswain's Mate 28 Terror Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
    Johnson William Stoker 45 Terror Lindsey, Lincolnshire
    Johnson Charles Able Seaman 28 Terror Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Jopson Thomas Captain's Steward 27 Terror Marylebone, Middlesex
    Kenley John Quartermaster 44 Terror St. Monance, Fifeshire, Scotland
    Kinnaird George Able Seaman 23 Terror Hastings, Sussex
    Lane John Boatswain Terror ?
    Lawrence Edwin Able Seaman 30 Terror London, Middlesex
    Le Vesconte H.T.D. Lieutenant Erebus Devon?
    Leys David Able Seaman 37 Terror Montrose, Scotland
    Little Edward Lieutenant Terror ?
    Lloyd Henry Able Seaman 26 Erebus Christiansen, Norway
    Male Reuben Captain of the Forecastle 27 Terror Woolwich, London
    Manson Magnus Able Seaman 28 Terror Shetland, Scotland
    Mark William Able Seaman 24 Erebus Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales
    McBean Giles Alexander Second Master Terror ?
    McConvey Thomas Able Seaman 24 Erebus Liverpool, Lancashire
    McDonald Alexander Assistant Surgeon Terror ?
    McDonald David Quartermaster 45 Terror Peterhead, Scotland
    Morfin John Able Seaman 25 Erebus Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
    Murray John Sailmaker 43 Erebus Glasgow, Lanarkshire
    Orren William Able Seaman 34 Erebus Chatham, Kent
    Osmer Charles Hamilton Purser Erebus ?
    Pearson (Paterson?) Alexander Corporal 30 Erebus Inverness
    Peddie John Smart Surgeon Terror ?
    Peglar Harry Captain of the Foretop 37 Terror London, Middlesex
    Pilkington William Private 28 Erebus Kilrush, Clare, Ireland
    Plater Thomas Stoker Erebus Westminster, Middlesex
    Pocock Francis Able Seaman 24 Erebus Upnor, Kent
    Reddington Phillip Captain of the Forecastle 28 Erebus Brompton, Kent
    Reed William Private 28 Erebus Bristol, Somerset
    Reid James Ice Master Erebus ?
    Rhodes William Quartermaster 31 Terror Redding Street, Kent
    Rigden James Captain's Coxswain 32 Erebus Upper Deal, Kent
    Sait Henry Able Seaman 23 Terror Bognor, Sussex
    Seeley Abraham Able Seaman 34 Erebus Gravesend, Kent
    Sergeant Robert Orme Mate Erebus ?
    Shanks William Able Seaman 29 Terror Dundee, Scotland
    Sims David Able Seaman 24 Terror Gedney, Lincolnshire
    Sinclair Robert Captain of the Foretop 25 Erebus Kirkwall, Orkneys
    Sinclair William Able Seaman 30 Terror Galloway, Scotland
    Smith William Blacksmith 28 Erebus Thibnam (Tibenham?), Norfolk
    Smith Luke Stoker 27 Terror London, Middlesex
    Stanley Stephen Samuel Surgeon Erebus ?
    Stickland John Able Seaman 24 Erebus Portsmouth, Hampshire
    Strong William Able Seaman 22 Terror Hampshire
    Sullivan John Captain of the Maintop 28 Erebus Gillingham, Kent
    Tadman Thomas Able Seaman 28 Erebus Brompton, Kent
    Terry Thomas Boatswain Erebus ?
    Thomas Robert Mate Terror ?
    Thompson George Able Seaman 27 Erebus Staines, Berkshire
    Thompson James Engineer Terror ?
    Torrington John Leading Stoker Leading Stoker 19 Terror Manchester, Lancashire
    Tozer Solomon Sergeant 34 Terror Axbridge, Somerset
    Walker James Able Seaman 29 Terror Lo Shields, Northumberland
    Wall Richard Ship's Cook 45 Erebus Hull, Yorkshire
    Watson Thomas Carpenter's mate 40 Erebus N. Yarmouth, Norfolk
    Weekes John Carpenter Erebus ?
    Wentzall William Able Seaman 33 Terror London, Middlesex
    Wilkes Henry Private 28 Terror Leicester
    Wilson Alexander Carpenter's mate 27 Terror Holy Island, N. Durham
    Wilson John Captain's Coxswain 33 Terror Portsea, Hampshire
    Work Thomas Able Seaman 41 Erebus Kirkwall, Orkneys
    Young David Cabin boy 18 Erebus Sheerness, Kent
  2. Catharine

    Catharine Member

    Not sure of the date of The Franklin expedition but this looks like William Wentzell in 1841
    1841 Greenwich 489 10 14 21
    William Wentzell 29 fisherman N
    Hannah 28 N
    William 2 y
    Are we supposed to be tracking the family onwards?
    Sons Charles John born 1.2.1842 and William Augustine 25.5.1845 at Greenwich

    1911 census Charles John 69 and wife Clara 70, daughter Gertrude Annie 28 piece 2707 reg district 28 no 21
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  3. Catharine

    Catharine Member

    Working back from the end of the list
    1841 David Young 474 12 30 24 Isle of Sheppy
    David Young 35,Maria 30,David 13,Thomas 10,John 8,William 6,Sarah 3 and George 8months
    This is surprisingly difficult.
    A couple of baptisms but no sign on census
    Thomas Watson s of John and Ann nee Horn Yarmouth 15.2. 1806
    John Shaw Torrington 10.12.1826 Manchester Cathedral s of William and Sarah.
  4. Catharine

    Catharine Member

    Stephen Samuel Stanley surgeon of Woolwich s of Micheal solicitor married 10.5.1845 Mary Windus St James Garlick London - no sign on census
    Abraham Seeley s of Noah and Martha born 9.11.1810 Gravesend but not on census
    Thomas Armitage 1841 Woolwich Dockyard 35 493 7 8 9
    married 2.10.1825 Gillingham Cecillia Murray -family tree on ancestry
    Sorry but just not finding them
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  5. Margery

    Margery LostCousins Member

    This ill-fated polar expedition departed England in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage. There were two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The expedition was led by Sir John Franklin a noted polar explorer who had been Lieut Governor of Van Diemen's Land from 1836 to 1843. His wife, Lady Jane Franklin financed several searches to discover the fate of the expedition.
  6. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    This is a possibility as there seems to be only one Thomas Burt, Wickham, Hampshire.......
    Household Members
    First name(s) Last name Gender Age Birth year Birth place
    George Burt Male 50 1791 -
    Sarah Burt Female 36 1805 -
    Thomas Burt Male 17 1824 Hampshire, England ( no occupation shown)
    Margaret Burt Female 13 1828 Hampshire, England
    Emma Burt Female 8 1833 Hampshire, England
    Henry Cook Male 30 1811 Hampshire, England

    Census details
    Street Fareham Road
    Parish or township Wickham County Hampshire Country England
    Registration district Fareham
    Archive reference HO107 Piece number 390 Book number 13
    Folio number 35 Page number 12
  7. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    Here is another possible.........................
    Household Members
    First name(s) Last name Gender Age Birth year Birth place
    Richard Steele Male 65 1776 Not Known
    Sarah Steele Female 60 1781 Not Known
    Elizabeth Evans Female 22 1819 Kent, England
    Thomas Evans Male 14 1827 Kent, England
    Benjamin Evans Male 11 1830 Kent, England
    Charles Evans Male 9 1832 Kent, England
    Henry Evans Male 7 1834 Kent, England
    Louisa Evans Female 3 1838 Kent, England

    Census details
    Street Flagon Row, North Side From North Street
    Parish or township St Nicholas Deptford City or borough Greenwich
    County Kent Country England
    Registration district Greenwich
    Archive reference HO107 Piece number 488 Book number 3
    Folio number 33 Page number 18
  8. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    And another?...........................
    John Sullivan Male 25 1816 Kent, England (occupation Sea-Man)
    Ann Sullivan Female 20 1821 Ireland
    Margarett Sullivan Female 0 1841 Kent, England

    Census details
    Street Manor Street In Manor Court
    Parish or township Gillingham City or borough Chatham
    County Kent Country England
    Registration district Medway
    Archive reference HO107
    Piece number 458
    Book number 3
    Folio number 14
    Page number 21
  9. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    Am I missing something? What does this thread have to do with the latest newsletter (received 14/Jan)?
    The previous issue was received 1/Jan and marked as [SUSPECTED SPAM] by Thunderbird.

    I have just checked at the main LC site and found that there was another newsletter dated 20/Jan which did not reach me. Has anybody else been left off the distribution list?
  10. Catharine

    Catharine Member

    Got baptisms for
    Alexander Berry 7.1.1813 Fife to john and Elizabeth Pryde
    Henry James Brown 16.2.1819 Deptford s of Henry and Mary mariner

    George William Chambers born 5.9.1827 Woolwich to Thomas and Jane rigger
    1841 493 5 18 31
    Thos chambers 50
    Jane 40
    Elizabeth 15
    George 10
    Matilda 10
    Eleanor 10
    Alexr 5
    Willm 5
    Charles 12 months

    Charles Frederick Des Veux
    1841 323 21 12 19
    Charles 15 pupil Wanstead Beacontree Essex

    John Diggle s of John and Pheobe Diggle.Married Mary Johnson 2.8.1834 Stoke Damerol,daughter Mary Ann Erebus Diggle 1839,other child John born 1828 at Halberton before their marriage.Nice family tree on Ancestry but again where oh where are they in 1841?

    Francis Dunn Llanelly 1379 3 38 23
    Francis Dunn 49 shipwright
    Mary 43
    Francis 21 shipwright
    Mary 12
    Joseph 15
    Ann 13
    Richard 11
    Margaret 6
    Elizabeth 3

    James Fitz James 684 17 6 6 Middlesex St Pancras
    James Fitzjames 25 Royal navy
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
  11. MarionK

    MarionK Moderator Staff Member

    I've also not seen a newsletter since 1 January.
  12. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    Cannot find John Diggle in 1841 but his wife Mary 20, son John 5 and daughter Mary Ann 1 are living with Mary's father John Johnson 50 (born Scotland) at 13 John Street, Stoke Damerol, Devon. In 1851 Mary 12 is still with her grandfather John Johnson 67, his wife Agnes 61 at the same address.
  13. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    What you describe happened twice to me in December and Peter assured me I was on the list and to check my end and particularly my Browser (Peter favours Chrome as you probably know). Meanwhile I found the Newsletters via LC and as I do not use a PC based mail reader I decided to set up 3 different browsers to read my email to see if the one I normally use was causing the problem. In the end the next Newsletter email just showed up in my browser of choice as it did in the other two browsers, so I was none the wiser as to what caused the problem, and it has not happened since.

    I suspect there is a clue in the 'suspected spam' comment and although I checked to see if Peter's Newsletter email had been consigned to spam (it hadn't) I suspect that a similar 'blip' did occur previously and the email was consigned to the ether. Sorry can't be more helpful but Peter may have something to say on the matter.
  14. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Read my comment to Bryman which may help
  15. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    What does this have to do with the Browser? The problem rests with the email client not receiving the newsletter notification email.
  16. Bob Spiers

    Bob Spiers LostCousins Superstar

    Well I agree but as an email client is a computer program used to access mail, if it is not a PC based program it must be run within a browser window(e.g. Chrome/Firefox/IE or Edge) and accessed as webmail. I use different browsers for different applications, so Peter suggested I change the one used to access my webmail and see if that made a difference; which it didn't as I described.

    In my case 2 Newsletter emails did not show in my webmail Inbox and despite experimenting with different browsers, successive Newsletter notification emails once again showed in my webmail program using my normal browser. The reason for the non appearance and re-appearance may lie in the geeky world of server/client protocols which I leave well alone.

    I think we best let these off-topic comments rest for now as they divert from the original posting intentions.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
  17. Norman

    Norman LostCousins Member

    I never use webmail. Much prefer to have my mails on my home equipment so they are available when I'm off-line. Maybe that's why I've never missed a newsletter.
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  18. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    Finding these people is not easy........................
    I can only find one Henry Peglar and he is in prison in 1841 :oops:
    Maybe this is James Rigden, he is in Kent....................

    1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
    Hoath, Heath, Blean, Kent, England
    First name(s) Last name Gender Age Birth year Birth place
    James Rigden Male 25 1816 Kent, England ( Ag Lab)
    Eliza Rigden Female 20 1821 Kent, England
    Emma Rigden Female 4 1837 Kent, England
    George Rigden Male 2 1839 Kent, England
    Mary Rigden Female 0 1841 Kent, England
    Census details
    Archive reference HO107 Piece number 467 Book number 7
    Folio number 6 Page number 7

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