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FamilySearch website and over-zealous wanabee researchers

Discussion in 'FamilySearch' started by Creighton, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Megastar

    Just to clarify this, the actual baptisms weren’t taxed, it was entries in the parish register that were taxed (except for paupers).
  2. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    You're right, of course, but a baptism that isn't recorded is of no value to family historians.
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  3. illyjay

    illyjay New Member

    I was just really surprised that the volunteers would add or change information in a family tree when they are not related in any way to, or have never researched someone else’s ancestors and cousins, seems an odd thing to do.
  4. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    As Pauline pointed out, they're probably just ordinary users, and have made a mistake like many other inexperienced researchers. They may well believe they are related.

    However it's also worth saying that on occasion I have posted helpful comments on the Ancestry trees of users who are not relatives of mine simply because in the course of my own research I've made discoveries that, whilst not useful to me (except for elimination purposes), are relevant to the other person. I'm sure many experienced researchers do the same when the opportunity presents itself.
  5. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Star

    Someone listed my Dad as having been buried in a cemetery somewhere in the U.S. I discovered this when Family Search sent me a link to him. He was listed as dying in Toronto, Ontario but buried in the U.S. I corrected this. The cemetery had the same name as the one in which my Dad is, so it would appear that it defaulted to an American one. My FTM program clearly states where he is buried.
  6. I have done this myself and on occasion found myself back in the same tree looking at my Comments which have been ignored or possibly not seen. At least other researchers can see them if they are experienced enough to know how to look at the Comments, it took me a while!
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 3, 2022

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