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Electoral registers 1910

Discussion in 'Middlesex' started by Kate, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Kate

    Kate LostCousins Member

    Hello, does anyone know what made a man eligible to vote in 1910?
    I have found someone whose abode is given and, in the column marked 'description of qualifying property', there is the address where he lives and another address, too. I can't imagine he owned one house let alone two.
    Thank you.
    I have put this post here as it relates to someone in the Edmonton area and I didn't know where else to post!
  2. Rhian

    Rhian LostCousins Member

    The rules changed quite a lot over the years but prior to 1918, only men owning or occupying a residential or business property and some male lodgers could vote in national elections. The two properties may have been the house he rented and a shop or business property he rented.

    You may find a code on the page which indicates the voting privileges of the person, but these codes may not have applied in 1910.

    A dash ( – ) – Person could not vote in the election

    R – Residence qualification

    BP – Business premises qualification

    O – Occupational qualification

    HO – Qualification through husband's occupation

    NM – Naval or military voter
    • Thanks! Thanks! x 1
  3. Kate

    Kate LostCousins Member

    Thanks, this has also helped with another one I was looking at.
  4. Rhian

    Rhian LostCousins Member

    Glad to help, I know the problems I had when I looked at these pages for the first time.

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