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Census Reference check

Discussion in 'Key features of the LostCousins site' started by Bryman, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Just to clarify, it's the Ancestry version you should use, not Findmypast's amended version. Only a very small percentage of entries are affected, which is why we use Findmypast for reference checking.

    Ancestry use the original LDS transcription which was the only version available at the time LostCousins began. Sadly FamilySearch now uses Findmypast's version, so the only place you can find the original is on the CD ROM set, or at Ancestry.
  2. trebor

    trebor LostCousins Member

    After reading your explanation I have checked again. It is an 1881 census result. All three family members are on one page - the missing person being the last one on the page. FMP have incorrectly recorded their transcription using the next page number. How should I record this in Lost Cousins - with the incorrect FMP page or the correct page where the entry occurs? At this point there is no match with a living cousin. Thanks.
  3. Bryman

    Bryman LostCousins Megastar

    Except where they have made their own changes, sometimes different from FMP.
  4. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Ancestry don't update their transcription based on user submissions, they show an alternative version, but keep the original.
  5. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    Always follow the instructions on the Add Ancestor form. The LDS transcription is the master source, deviations at Findmypast should be ignored. Findmypast provide a quick and easy check that works 99.9% of the time - since the LDS will not allow me to use their transcription (they don't even use it themselves!) it's the best option we have.

    You should report to Findmypast that the transcript for that individual is linking to the wrong image. It might take time, but they will correct it eventually.
  6. trebor

    trebor LostCousins Member

    LDS are also using the incorrect references so from your instructions I will change to the page reference that does not show the person involved. I had originally created the record either by manually inserting the correct details from the image on FMP or by automatically adding the correct details from Ancestry. If the former I would have created the household first with the father and just added the other family members and as they are all on the same page I would not have seen the need to check for an error.
    I will report to FMP and if I can see a way also to LDS.
  7. Alexander Bisset

    Alexander Bisset Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting Peter. I can see that there may be issues around the traffic light checking for that 0.1% although that's 99.9% that will be accurate. However it's always the edge cases that trip you up.
  8. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    No need - Findmypast take all of their UK census data from Findmypast.
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  9. trebor

    trebor LostCousins Member

    I am now totally puzzled. :confused:
    I went to change the entry to match the page references on LDS and FMP but also noticed that the full middle name was still in use rather than the initial
    I thought that I had previously changed this but obviously not. Corrected the middle name to match the census but did not change the page references.
    Straight away the ! was replaced by a wonderful TICK :D - so even though the page reference does not match either LDS or FMP it finds living relatives.
  10. trebor

    trebor LostCousins Member

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  11. peter

    peter Administrator Staff Member

    But it DOES match the LDS transcription - and that's what matters. The only online source of the LDS transcription of the 1881 England & Wales census is Ancestry, the only online source for the LDS transcription of the 1881 Scotland census is ScotlandsPeople.

    It also lives on in CD ROM form, and of course it forms the basis of the Findmypast version, which is also used by FamilySearch.
  12. canadianbeth

    canadianbeth LostCousins Member

    I found two different spellings of the same given name at Ancestry and FindmyPast. Both were incorrect but I used the one at Ancestry. I just found the FindmyPast one when clicking on the grey arrow.

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