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Census Coverage

Discussion in '2021 Census' started by uncle024, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. uncle024

    uncle024 LostCousins Star

    I just attended a webcast by ONS entitled "Designing for Quality in Census 2021" and they gave a figure of a target of 94% overall response. Which appears to mean that 6% of the population will not be recorded. I wonder how that compares with pre 1911 census coverage. Maybe I am lucky with my ancestors but have very few that are likely to have missed being counted. Having been an enumerator in the 2001 census we went to great lengths to catch every household. See attached copy of relevant slide from todays presentation. Censu2021Response.jpg
  2. A. Muse

    A. Muse LostCousins Member

    Perhaps the 94% takes account of the people who don't want to be counted as they are here illegally.
    I saw an item a while back that suggested that the population of Greater London is under estimated by one million, this was based on the amount of sewage produced and processed in the area. Does the 94% take that million into account?

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